19 Lucky People Who Witnessed a Rare Phenomenon

3 years ago

The ability to see miracles around you is the key to a happy life. At the crazy pace of the modern world, we may not always notice the little joys that add up and turn into great blessings. But sometimes, it’s enough to just look around.

We at Bright Side are sure that every day is rich in amazing discoveries, even if they may seem small at first glance. We hope that this photo compilation will cheer you up.

“This is the first and the only time I met this golden miracle. It didn’t fly away from my hand for 20 minutes and fearlessly posed right in front of my lens.”

“A butterfly landed on my friend’s hand. It looks like a mind-blowing YouTube thumbnail.”

“There was a tiny crab holding onto an oyster in my ramen.”

In a store, people pointed their smartphones at the surveillance camera without explanation, and then left. The reason for this was a nest that birds built right on top of this device.

“These ultra-fluffy caterpillars appeared in my garden.”

“I’ve somehow ended up in a room with 3 almost identical cats.”

“I found this Stag beetle in my backyard.”

“This Robin’s nest was built right on a school bus.”

“All the seeds at the bottom of my bird feeder have sprouted.”

“I found this ridiculous thing on the shore after a storm. For a long time, I thought it was some kind of seaweed.”

“But after looking it up on the internet, I figured out that this is an egg from a skate that lives in the Black and Mediterranean seas.”

“The roots of my bonsai tree look like a person.”

“This ridiculously large lemon is from my friend’s tree. The dog is for scale.”

A Southern Leopard frog riding a water snake

A snail decided to give a ride to a bee with one wing and broken legs.

“I found this little weed that looks like a bonsai.”

“I noticed these beautiful swirls in my watermelon.”

“I met an albino squirrel today.”

“My cat made a friend that looks like him.”

“A rosebud with a double flower started to bloom.”

What little miracles have you witnessed?

Preview photo credit ALiCE_HiMECORiN / Twitter


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