19 People Who Had Some Super-Cool Neighbors Onboard a Plane

3 years ago

Many international airlines still allow the transportation of animals on board if you can prove that you need your pet for emotional support during the flight. That’s why some passengers not only carry cats and dogs in the cabin with them, but also mini-horses, hogs, and even peacocks in order to overcome flying stress.

We at Bright Side noticed that animals in airports and onboard planes sometimes behave exactly like ordinary passengers.

1. “Is airplane mode a joke to you?”

2. “I actually asked for eucalyptus, not soda.”

3. When you are the last to get on the plane and the only vacant place is in the plane’s tail, near the bathrooms:

4. The feeling you get when you are going to have a long flight, so you hurry up and grab your slippers:

5. When winter comes, you want to go to warm countries and warm up your bones.

6. That feeling you get when your neighbors got the tasty chicken, but you got fish with vegetables.

7. Sometimes you stand in line for check-in and hope to get the best seats on the plane because you look gorgeous today.

8. When the plane has just taken off and you urgently need to use a restroom, but there is a line already:

9. When you are taking a flight with someone who has a stronger phobia to fly than you do:

10. Now you can finally take a nap knowing your friend will be watching you while you sleep.

11. That moment when you rush into the airport thinking you are late, even though check-in hasn’t started yet.

12. When you are onboard a plane and realize that having ants at home is not the biggest issue that might occur in your life:

13. Sometimes even pilots need a cute companion in the cockpit.

14. That look you have after returning home from a warm holiday, when there is still summer inside you, but it’s winter outside.

15. When you woke up right at the moment the crew started to serve food onboard:

16. When you have already taken your seat and are now staring at passing by passengers hoping none of them will sit next to you:

17. “I wasn’t able to move for half the flight.”

18. He’s the only one paying attention to the safety demo.

19. — Sat next to this happy little guy on a plane.

- That’s not fair! I always have to sit next to my husband on planes!

What is the most unusual passenger you’ve ever met on a plane or on any other form of transportation?


Imagine seeing a horse on your plane.. seems a bit weird to me
Don't dogs have like really good hearing? Won't their ears hurt on the plane?

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