19 People Whose Lives and Bodies Changed Dramatically After Becoming Vegan

2 years ago

In recent years, certain food trends have become increasingly popular. In them, some people have found not only a new way of eating but also a new way of living. This is the case of vegetarianism and veganism, diets based on plant products or animal derivatives (in the first case), and exclusively on plant-based foods (in the second), which we can adopt, ideally with the help of a professional nutritionist that can guide us in the process to make it easy for our minds and bodies to get used to things.

There are more and more people who see a new way of healthy living in veganism, and that’s why Bright Side wants to show you, through pictures, how the life of some people has changed by adopting this diet.

1. “I’ve been vegan for 2 years, and it has changed my entire life. 🌱”

2. “Vegan for a year! My highest weight was 330 lb, now I’m at 190 (calisthenics and jogging/biking helped too)!”

3. “3 years of being vegan.”

“January 1, 2018 — over 365 lb”

“January 1, 2021 — 240 lb

4. “2 years, 138 lb, lots of runs, and hundreds of animals saved later.”

5. “Not quite where I want to be just yet, but wanted to share my progress with you wonderful, plant-based folk so far!”

6. “My wife and I are 3 years vegan!”

7. “Went from 213 lb to 123 lb, 90 lb lost. Size 12 (borderline size 14) to a size 2 now. I’ve been overweight most of life, but thankfully that’s no longer the case.”

8. “6 years vegan 💚 2 years of working out. 245 lb (111.13 kg) -> 145 lb (65.77 kg). I never thought I’d get here! 💚☮️🍃💟”

9. They still have 2 little kids, but now they are vegan and they exercise.

10. “Vegetarian to vegan”

11. “I was just a baby vegan in the photo on the left (2017). So happy to have found this lifestyle, I don’t even want to know where I would be without it!”

12. “Lost 100 pounds on a plant-based diet 💪🏼 🍎”

13. “I’ve been vegan for a year. Here is what 5 months of veganism, the gym, and skateboarding can do! 156 lb to 128 lb!”

14. “Almost one year vegan — can’t wait for the results of my anniversary in a few months.”

15. “My vegan transformation!”

16. “One year of being vegan face gains.”

17. “21 years old and still consuming eggs and milk vs 27 years old and vegan.”

18. “Progress! September, November, and January.”

19. “5-year vegan transformation 🐮🌱🐰 from 15 to 20 years old.”

How was your transition to vegetarianism or veganism? What are your tips for taking this step correctly and progressively?

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