19 Restaurants That Beat Their Competition in a Unique Way

2 years ago

Restaurants are one of the most common business activities around the world, with Spain leading as the country with more establishments per person: 1 for every 175 inhabitants. Since there are so many places out there where you can go and try something new, restaurant owners make sure to add some details to either the menu or the venue that will help their place to stand out.

Their customers have shared pics of what struck their attention the most, and here at Bright Side, we are offering you a selection of the places that have definitely outdone themselves.

1. “This restaurant puts a mesh net over your lemon so when you squeeze it, no seeds get in your food.”

2. “The waiters at this restaurant noticed I was a lefty, so they laid out a set of left-handed silverware.”

3. “My local cafe uses empty milk boxes as coffee carry trays.”

4. “A Bao restaurant near me serves pig-shaped custard buns!”

5. “This claw machine at the kids’ play area in a restaurant gives you your money back if you don’t receive an item.”

6. “University coffee shop used pencils instead of tiles at the counter.”

7. “My local coffee shop uses pasta noodles as coffee-stirring sticks.”

8. “Local coffee shop puts your to-go order in a jar. If you bring the jar back, you get $1 off your next order.”

9. “My local magic toy and coffee shop has some gorgeous tables for free play and local tournaments.”

10. “Restaurant inspired by Interstellar theme.”

11. “Robot cat waiter at my local restaurant.”

12. “Found this while getting take-out at a local Thai restaurant.”

13. “The way this restaurant incorporated the fire extinguisher into the painting.”

14. “A Chinese restaurant close-by cuts the carrots into fun shapes. I think the bottom one is a turkey.”

15. “This restaurant gives you a free small shake if you get a white gum ball from their machine.”

16. “The restaurant I went to gave soy sauce in these little fish packets.”

17. “This restaurant I’m at has a separate menu specifically for dogs.”

18. “My local Ivar’s Seafood has a bulkhead that leads to the ocean below the restaurant.”

19. “Yesterday I paid for coffee with Bitcoin.”

What peculiarities have made you fall in love with a restaurant? What makes you go back over and over again to your favorite restaurant?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit caffeinetherapy / Reddit


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