19 Skillful People Who Handled House Renovations With Flying Colors

3 years ago

From time to time, each of us gets a strong desire to do major home renovations. In our dreams of a perfectly equipped nest that protects us from the hardships of life, we forget about lack of time and simple laziness. But it’s not at all necessary to spend an enormous amount of energy on the reconstruction of your beloved home to make it shine with new colors.

Bright Side respects people who are capable of transforming their home’s interior beyond recognition. And we want our compilation of renovation pictures to inspire your new achievements as well.

“A small upgrade to our living room.”

“May God grant every person a landlady who’ll say, ‘Do whatever you want, just don’t tear down the walls.’ Hooray, we have a kitchen!”

Just added a few potted plants and a painting, and the room became impossible to recognize.

They just painted the cabinets in the kitchen, but at look how spacious and cozy the room looks now.

“I’m happy with my balcony makeover. It’s especially nice to sit on the balcony now, at 102°F. The only thing I’m missing is a cocktail.”

“Home decor tip — use long curtains. I’m so glad I hung them!”

“We bought white paint and gold paint to give a budget-friendly makeover to our old furniture and made a color accent on one wall.”

“A motorhome upgrade. Cleaning, sanding, priming, and painting cabinet doors. I’m happy with the result.”

A creative wall decoration works wonders.

They repainted the fireplace in the living room, gave a second life to the ancient cabinets, installed a TV, and the dream room is ready.

Before and after cosmetic house repairs: Which one do you like the most?

“I helped my friend renovate their bathroom.”

“Although this kitchen still has some flaws, it looks much better than it did before. We just had to paint the ceiling and cabinets, add a shelf above the window, and replace the curtains.”

Furniture arrangement for an empty living room — now, it has a modern look and is ready to host guests.

A bathroom upgrade: Cool colors are pleasantly refreshing.

“Say ’no’ to depression. I’m very proud of my own kitchen makeover.”

Before and after the bedroom makeover. Now, people sleeping in this bed will have the most magical dreams.

“When we moved into this house, the whole interior was gray like oatmeal. The new dining room is worth all the nights we spent on its renovation.”

An interior with natural elements looks way cozier.

Which room makeover idea did you like the most? Would you like to transform your apartment in the same way?

Preview photo credit yasakharnaya / Twitter


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