19 Times Celebrity Men Grew Long Hair and Looked Even More Handsome

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Hugh Jackman, Daniel Radcliffe, Colin Farrell, and even Bruce Willis — we are used to seeing all these men with short haircuts (or even bold ones), but they all grew long hair at least once in their lives and stunned us with those looks. Whether it was for a movie part, or just to change their style, we are glad celebrities take that risk and show us different sides of themselves.

We at Bright Side made these 19 collages for those of you who forgot what our favorite male celebrities looked like with gorgeous long manes. Let’s have a look together at these actors and musicians with both short and long hair, and decide which style we love more.

Jason Momoa

Hugh Jackman

Mel Gibson

Jared Leto

David Beckham

Daniel Radcliffe

Ashton Kutcher

Bruce Willis

Colin Farrell

Keanu Reeves

Orlando Bloom

Harry Styles

Chris Hemsworth

Tom Cruise

Antonio Banderas

Viggo Mortensen

Christian Bale

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Now, who do you think looks better with long hair, and who’s more handsome with their hair cut short? Have you ever tried drastic hair changes yourself? Tell us in the comments!


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harry styles looks perfect with long hair but daniel radcliffe is so wrong


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