19 Times Expectations Got Crushed by the Rock of Reality

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We’ve all seen funny pictures about crushed expectations. Eye-catching designs and loud promises play a cruel joke on us. So time after time, we all fall for marketing tricks. But there is no reason to be upset, sometimes this experience can be turned into a fun joke.

We at Bright Side have found some pictures that prove you aren’t alone in your disappointment.

1. “I was really looking forward to this. Not anymore.”

2. “My friend bought this costume online and I’ve been laughing all day.”

3. “So dry it made me cough.”

4. Works perfectly.

5. Terrifying panda

6. “We bought alien balloons.”

7. “Did my barber screw me?”

8. “The cable on the box vs The one inside”

9. “I really tried my best. Ended up with an army of weird alien babies.”

10. “Decided to try the new chicken sandwich...”

11. “The bear mask my friend ordered vs The nightmare fuel he received”

12. “What I ordered vs What I got. No hate, these are still really cute.”

13. “This is a weird looking pumpkin.”

14. Well, the cat is ready for school.

15. Guard dog

16. “Dinosaur pillow”

17. “What I ordered vs What I got”

18. “My sister was excited to use the gigantic lemon she bought.”

19. “Expectation vs Reality”

Which one is your favorite? Have you ever experienced crushed expectations? You can tell us your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit **_**_****_SHOULDERS / Reddit


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