19 Touching Tattoos That Show the Power of Love

5 years ago

Even those people who don’t usually have tattoos sometimes want to get one to remember something eternally. Those are the tattoos people will never regret, and they’ll always remind the those who have them of something really special and important. They come from the heart and stay with us forever.

Here at Bright Side we want to share some tattoos with you that truly touch the soul.

1. “Tribute tattoo for my best friend who passed away”.

2. “Dad’s last 3 heartbeats”.

3. “This tattoo represents life and death and that they can both be a beautiful thing”.

4. Things dads do for their children.

5. When the unexpected happens:

6. Her deceased grandmother and grandfather are now forever 2 little birds on her shoulder.

7. A soundwave of his grandmother’s laugh

8. This breaks our hearts into pieces.

9. “My boy Corbi is always close to my heart.”

10. Sisterly love is infinite.

11. She got a tattoo of her son’s drawing.

12. Happiest day in her life

13. “This is a memorial for my pup in doggy heaven.”

14. After her son passed away, this lady tattooed an image and the writing from a card he’d given to her.

15. “I wanted something to remember my dad by.”

16. This meaningful tattoo an 83-year-old client got:

17. Her mom’s favorite saying

18. Her left lung collapsed and she got this tattoo on her right side over the lung that keeps her going.

19. A reminder to always remember.

Which of these tattoos touched you the most? What’s the most emotional tattoo you’ve seen in your life and whose was it? Share with us in the comments.


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The "Gone Fishing" tattoo is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Also the Dad's 3 last breaths is very heartwarming. 💓💓


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