2 Simple Visual Tests That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self

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Our choices can say a lot about us and the features of our personality. Your favorite color, flower, or book also creates your image in society. Those tests will tell you why people respect and love you. So let’s try to find out more about your important qualities. We’re sure you have a wonderful personality!

Bright Side prepared a test that will reveal why people love you according to your subconscious self. Please don’t forget, though, that our test is just a game, so don’t take it too seriously.

What flower do you see in the alphabet “soup”?

Have a look at the scheme and, without double checking, find the name of a flower. The first one that you see will tell you the answer you’ll need to look for in the sheet below. So, have a go at it!

You found “Rose”

People who subconsciously choose the rose care about everything. They are perfectionists and don’t like when something is not complete. These people can be very diligent and persistent in achieving their goals. This quality gives them a lot of perks in the realm of their career.

Sometimes they dedicate their life to one field and don’t like to change jobs or hobbies. These kinds of people can organize the space around them easily and others respect them for that.

You found “Daisy”

Just imagine this flower and try to make an association. A daisy is definitely beautiful and cute. If you saw this first, you are wonderful and easygoing. You don’t like to concentrate on negativity and always try to find the positive side of things. No stress, no worries. Just enjoy life.

Sometimes people feed on your energy and take a lot from you without giving anything back. So it is very important for you to learn how to protect yourself and not to allow anyone to use you.

You found “Sunflower”

If you found Sunflower you have a strong, noble personality that loves to help people and makes your environment joyful. You like to enjoy the pleasures of life and share them with others. Great happiness is always inside of you.

Sometimes you can be unorganized and messy, but if you see that it affects people around you negatively, you’ll try to change for the better and this quality is very much appreciated.

You found “Сarnation”

Romantic, creative, and open. All those qualities belong to people who chose Carnation. Others might see you as a dreamer, but you’re just open to the world and you love to show how beautiful your personality is and how many fantastic ideas you have.

These people are made for love. They need a partner to feel the full spectrum of emotions because it feeds them and pushes them to seek new experiences.

You found “Orchid”

Those personalities are loyal and always stand by their friends, relatives, and partners. They can’t accept cheating and appreciate straightforwardness. At the same time, these people like to improve their other qualities. It is important for them to not just look beautiful, but also to be a beautiful person on the inside.

Mostly people try to be friends with them and trust these types of people. And they definitely deserve it.

You found “Jasmine”

These individuals are very ambitious and methodical. If they see the goal, practically nothing can stop them from achieving it. They are good at analyzing and planning and that is why they can be very successful at work. High intelligence helps them to avoid problems.

They have a good and honest personality and don’t see any reason to ever harm others. In spite of their small circle of friends, people around them respect them.

2. What flower do you see first in the image “soup”?

Take a look at the picture. You may see nothing here, but it hides the images of flowers. Find the first flower that you can see. If you don’t know its name, just remember its shape and color to check the description of your personality below.

You found a “Lily”

You are a creative and sensitive person. You can feel nature and understand the sense of a book like no one else can. But some care and love are needed to grow. It is important not to be so sensitive about critics and concentrate more on positive moments and good results. Stop being too strict with yourself and enjoy life’s perfections.

You found a “Poppy”

You’re a very passionate person. There can be a storm of emotions inside of you despite your outward sense of calm. Just let it out and don’t be afraid to share it! Of course, do this in an appropriate way without causing drama and tears. Be yourself because people will love you regardless.

You found a “Petunia”

You are very peaceful and balanced. Personalities like yours try to reach goals step by step without extra stress. Sometimes you can act like a philosopher but still find the golden middle of things without losing touch with reality. Quite often, people ask you for advice and you try to be as objective as possible.

What is your flower? Write a comment below if you liked the test and share it with your friends.


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