20 Animals Who Are on a Mission to Sweep Away Our Blues

2 years ago

There are days when it seems that nothing could ever lift us up. And whatever we do, everything falls out of our hands and annoys us. But then they suddenly appear. We are talking about the lovely and sweet animals who can’t help but bring a smile to our face. And they can easily get rid of the clouds that are hanging over us.

We at Bright Side have a secret weapon against sadness and bad moods. And we are ready to share it with you. So let the warmth rush into your life.

1. Bambi is here!

2. “Hooman, I want to hug you!”

3. The best way to hide

4. “What do you mean I’m not the best cat?!”

5. A bright and colorful hummingbird

6. The newest recruit of the New Zealand Police Department

7. “Where is my green friend? I can’t see him!”

8. “I’m not a dog, so I can go.”

9. “OMG, this finger is so big for me!”

10. When you are a cub and can have fun all day long:

11. 3 fur balls

12. A true fan of Game of Thrones

13. “Can I just lie here for a while?”

14. No words are needed: Cuteness overload!

15. “Hello! Let’s get acquainted!”

16. Could anything in this world be more tender?

17. “I’m too shy to ask, but could you pet me?”

18. “Fine. I’m comfortable.”

19. “Hooman, don’t go!”

20. The first time Frank saw a kangaroo, he lost his mind.

Do you have any pics of your pets that always make you smile? We’d love to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit kizthewiz / imgur


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