20+ Animals Who Have No Idea How Adorably Silly They Are

3 years ago

Interacting with pets can decrease levels of stress-related hormones. And playing with pets that constantly make you laugh with their goofiness is even better. These Reddit users know this for sure! So whether it’s a tiny tooth sticking out, bulged eyes begging for your snack, or a fuzzy snout that is suddenly asleep in a bowl of food — these photos are filled with absolute charm. See for yourself!

Here at Bright Side we endlessly adore animals, even when they’re being awkward little derps.

1. Potatoes are gonna potate.

2. When mom asks you to pose for a family photo:

3. The way he tries to hint to me to share my snacks...

4. Did someone say “park”?

5. She’s 7 months old and loves being held like she isn’t huge.

6. Just hanging, what’s up?

7. Find yourself someone who looks at you the same way this goat looks at this human.

8. I can smell the view.

9. “During my morning way to work I spotted this lovely derp.”

10. I guess he’s just hungry.

11. Double the derp

12. Riding a new bike while dreaming, then crashing it.

13. This is Nova. She loves parks.

14. “Sometimes Bear wakes up in a start and his lip gets stuck under his wonky beard, and he looks like a hilarious Muppet!”

15. Enjoying the airflow

16. Please share the name of your yoga instructor, we’re jealous!

17. Look at my chicken legs, human.

18. That’s a face that enjoys water.

19. Someone looks like he had an eventful day!

20. “Our chicken thinks she’s a cat and then gets stuck when she cannot liquify like a cat.”

21. What do you mean I sits weird?

22. When you sleep for 16 hours a day and still don’t get enough sleep:

23. Oliver, the back-foot-eating kitty

Share your pictures of animal derps with us in the comment section below, we’d be happy to see them!


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hahaha number 8 really made me laugh! he really fits the title!


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