20+ Animals Whose Hearts Burst With Empathy

3 years ago

You can see animals’ empathy every day. Your roommate’s dog may protect your cat from scary thunder or a little bird may come by every day to have lunch with you so that you’re not alone. Such moments remind us that this world is full of love.

We at Bright Side are sure that animals have big hearts and here are some adorable photos to prove it.

1. “Patrick helps Kevin get to the treats.”

2. “My roommate’s dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside”

3. “Dog, barn cat, and duck — they’re just bros, no chaos.”

4. “My brother and his buddy”

5. “This is how my neighbors’ dogs greet me every time I come home.”

6. “My dogs stopped during a walk to support a girl with Down syndrome who was resting.”

7. This golden retriever has found his new siblings.

8. “My dog breastfeeds my cat since the cat lost her mother.”

9. “This little dude and I have had breakfast/lunch together every day for the last 4 weeks.”

10. “My friend’s dog waiting for him to get home”

11. “My mom sent me a pic of the dog helping my dad fix the car.”

12. “Happiness is only real when shared.”

13. “My cats are more polite than people at Walmart.”

14. “My dog was extremely tired but just had to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

15. “Flynn helps to better the world by picking up the trash he finds on walks.”

16. This corgi gives rides to a hamster.

17. “My dog grabs things around the house and brings them to me for a treat. Today, he somehow got this.”

18. “Trixie the golden shares her warmth with the kittens.”

19. “My little brother with cerebral palsy got to meet his service dog today!”

20. “The little guy always meets me at one of my stops.”

21. “Little creatures feeding in harmony!”

What was the most heartwarming moment you’ve had with animals in your life? Do you have any photos of these sweet events? Please share them with us!

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