20+ Baby Photobombs That Are Totally Epic

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4 years ago

Photobombing is an art that requires timing and expression – or just a lucky chance. And what better photobombers are there than kiddos?

Bright Side created a list of photos with babies photobombing hilariously, just like real pros.

The photo drooler

"I've got no choice. Here's Daddy's head."

The booze lover

Aren't you too young for that, little guy?

So tired!

Can someone else "just do it"?

That naughty look!

"This is where the trouble began. That smile. That damn smile."

The first copy of the book

All but visible – see right behind it.

The baby Superman photobomb

The baby is like, "Who's that girl?"

The surprised baby

When you face the camera for the first time!

The third ballet dancer

"Forget ballet. I'll show you some freestyle."

Like a pro

If only photobombing were a profession.

The baby behind the glass

The family must have laughed a lot when they noticed it.

"Hey, I'm here too!"

This was the moment when she realized that she was adopted.

The yoga photobomber

"Just what the heck is she doing?"

The family photobomber

Run, baby, run!

He sure is having a good day!

Unlike the guy on the bench, it seems.

Mommy's little yoga photobomber

At least he's trying. What's your excuse?

Coolness level: over 9,000

Coolest guy in the frame!

The baby in the background

"I see ya, and I'm gonna getcha!"

"How dare you start without me!"

Looks like they're all in trouble.

The most natural photobomb ever

At first look, you can't tell that he's not with the selfie boy.

An award-winning expression


Is this baby professional or what?

Full marks for the timing, precision, and expression!

There are 2 types of kids:

This is what happens when Mommy asks you to smile and you get too carried away.

Peeping Tom or Peeping Martha?

Another yoga photobomber!

Learning how to kiss

You'll need it after some years, kiddo.

Actual photo of me during a class

I just prefer to keep my eyes shut.

Just what's this thing with yoga and babies?

Learning yoga, little buddy?

Da Big Boss

He sure knows he's the embodiment of awesomeness.

Have you ever been photobombed? Or did you photobomb someone else? Share your hilarious photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Missbrooooke/Reddit


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