20 Before and After Photos of Adopted Animals That Prove Love Can Move Mountains

4 years ago

Many people have already started to follow the “adopt rather than shop” policy when it comes to pets. It helped to reduce the number of homeless animals and increase the overall level of kindness in the world. From trembling puppies and kittens, to brave, confident, and courageous dogs and cats, the animals in our compilation went through a lot to restore their faith in humanity with the help of their loving owners.

We at Bright Side have declared many times that we are in love with animals and want to see every creature on this planet happy. So here is another bunch of those who’ve found their true home and felt what real love is. Our bonus at the end will show that love can even change frogs.

“No one wanted to adopt him because of his cropped ears and ’scary’ looking face. Now Bronco is always smiling, and loved by everyone he meets.”

“Archie has found his forever home. We couldn’t love him more.”

“Took in this sweet angel when I heard she was about to be tossed in the garbage by a breeder for being a runt. 4 months later, and Yumi is the most playful, loving, and healthy gal.”

“The night we found him on the street vs 1 week after adoption”

“Before I got Blade he was never allowed inside the house and didn’t know what toys were, a year later and he’s the happiest pup ever!”

A not very happy little man before adoption to the happiest little fluff

“Our boy in the intake cage at the Humane Society and after a month of finally being at home.”

Rah and Luna, from “Dumpster kitties to sitting pretty!”

“September to today. What a fluffy difference.”

“My beautiful girl Dani the day we adopted her vs Almost one year later. She is the happiest derp. And I love her SO much.”

“6 months ago > now. She’s so much braver than the day I brought her home, and is full of cuddles.”

“Little Prue before and after having her own queen-size bed (my bed)”

“Meet Lupita, she went from a 2-month-old rat hunter to a 9-month-old cable chewer.”

“Found my poor sweet bub wandering my side of the mountain with his brother while on a 4-mile hike. Almost a year later and he’s the happiest boy. My coworker found his brother a loving home as well!”

From peasant to Queen

“This is Jemma! The left pic is at 2 years old when I adopted her. She weighs less than 5 pounds. The right pic is from 3 years later, at nearly double the weight. ”

“My friend rescued this sweet girl from being put down over a minor skin condition.”

“It’s been 4 months since I caught Marley and her puppies. She had been abandoned and it took me 3 months to gain her trust. She seems to know everything’s going to be alright now.”

“He was stinky, matted, had overgrown nails, and was malnourished. We couldn’t let that happen! We took him in, screened applications, and found him his forever home!”

From sitting in a cage to becoming a front-seat passenger. Just look at how his eyes have changed.

Bonus: “My frog before and after I took him home. Look how his coloring came through once his environment was what he needed!”

If you had a choice to adopt a full-bred animal from a breeder or to take a homeless mutt from a shelter, what would your choice be? Why?

Preview photo credit briscoleg / reddit


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Bronco is such a cute pie with those tiny ears and charming eyes ?


Can't believe there are people who still can't accept the way some animals look! :(


The changes are pretty clear! This images are very heart warming ?


I love these types of articles. Warms my heart! I’m a 100% in favor of adopt don’t shop. I can’t believe that one breeder was going to throw the puppy in the garbage! He or she is not trash!!! He or she is a living, breathing being! I can’t even begin to understand.... my first cat that my family rescued was just a kitten and literally thrown out of a moving car in front of my dad one day. My dad immediately pulled over to find the poor guy and brought him home and the rest is history! He was so awesome and incredibly smart! I miss him so much!


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