20 Before and After Pics That Remind Us Why We Love Our Pets So Much

4 years ago

When we look through pictures of our cats and dogs, we get the same feeling of warmth and nostalgia we have when we look at our family photos. And those of us who’ve been together with our furry friends for a long time have some true gems in their collections. From before and after pics of our pets losing weight, to pics with their favorite toys taken years apart, to jaw-dropping collages showing how huge they’ve become in just a few months. We bet you have these pics too if you have a pet.

We felt warm and fuzzy here at Bright Side when we looked through this cute collection and we want you to see them too. Be sure not to miss our bonus pic at the end of the article that perfectly sums up the difference between cats and dogs!

1. “Before and after she was told she was a good girl”

2. “Same boot, 3 years later”

3. “Progress pics aren’t just for humans, right?”

4. “Before and after his human let me feed him a sausage”

5. “Today marks 3 years spent with the best friend I’ve ever had. Time flies.”

6. “Our boxer puppy laying on our adult boxer, 3 months apart”

7. “A year later and he still just wants to be carried sometimes!”

8. “My fiancé and her kittens and then a year later, my wife and our cats”

9. “Before and after mountain biking”

10. “18 months later and he still sleeps with his duck.”

11. “My Birman cat before and after winter”

12. “Before and after adoption, 3 hours later”

13. “365 days later and my little nugget isn’t so little anymore!”

14. “I rescued the cat off the street, and this photo was taken before and after she was mine.”

15. “5 years later...still my best co-pilot!”

16. “About 16 months of life experience later...”

17. “All these years later and it’s still her favorite toy.”

18. 8 years later and she still loves having a nap on her mom’s knees, but it looks so different now...

19. “The difference a year and a half makes, both for my cat and his toy monkey.”

20. “Took doggo to groomer, got a different doggo back.”

Bonus: “Before and after she was told she was a good girl, the cat version...”

Do you have a pet? Are there any nice before and after pics of them you’d like to share with the world? Feel free to post them in the comment section!

Preview photo credit fourNtwentyz / Reddit


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I think this is really cute when animals sleep with their plush toys, even when they get old and big ❤️


the only bad thing about pets is that they grow and get old fast..


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