20+ Bright Side Readers Told Us Why Their Cats Are Just Like Children to Them

4 years ago

According to a study, cats may believe that their owners are actually their parents. And, without a doubt, we humans love our pets so much that, sometimes, we feel like they are one of our very own children. In other words, we create a unique bond with our fluffy friends. It’s so strong that it can make us experience something we thought could only happen between human beings.

Bright Side went through our readers’ comments and found a lot of evidence supporting the fact that any person can see their cat as one of their own children. That said, at the end of the article there’s a bonus with a statement that may contradict our theory.

1. “I got her from a shelter, she had been returned twice. She’s 8 years old. Once, while I was working, I took this picture of her with my baby monitor.”

2. “I adopted her. She always sleeps with me. You don’t know how much I love her. Here she is, sleeping so peacefully after giving birth a few days ago. ❤️”

3. “This is our Sugar. We rescued him from a very busy street when he was only a month and a half old. He was very confused. We ran some tests on him and everything turned out ok. In June, he’ll turn 2. 😊”

4. Mine’s named Little Moon 😂 and I love her, she’s lovely and crazy. ❤️"

5. “Her name is Oreo. I rescued her when she was only 3 months old. She’s been with me for 3 years now. She’s my baby and the most spoiled kid in the house. You can always find her by my side. If I’m eating, she’ll be with me in the dining room. If I go to bed, she comes and sleeps with me. If I take a shower, she comes into the bathroom, sits on the mat, and waits for me to come out. I love my kitty so much.”

6. “She’s Misha. We adopted her on a rainy day, while she was looking for a place to give birth. Now she’s spayed and we spoil her a lot.”

7. “Her name is Kira and she’s my son’s kitty. She doesn’t seem very comfortable in this picture. She’s just adorable. ❤😁”

8. “Well, in our cat’s eyes, we are his photographers. We love him and he knows it, that’s why he gave us this smile as a gift. 🤣😻”

9. “This is my Nala. I rescued her because there was a hurricane heading to our town. She’s my dog’s best friend.”

10. “Donna, my little fighter. My sister rescued her and now she’s always following my mom... She’s as joyful as me, and she gets mad if we don’t give her milk and a treat when we leave the house.”

11. “My Hercules... He had 3 little brothers. His mother had disappeared, so we took them all, but the others didn’t make it. He’s 2 years old now, and he’s very affectionate. We also have a dog, they’re just like brothers ❤❤❤”

12. “She’s very sweet and won’t leave me alone for one second, but I don’t mind that at all! It makes me more alive! She’s my greatest love.”

13. “Yuki... She’s the kitty we adopted. She can be annoying at times, but we love her so much. 😍😍”

14. “This is why he always hurries to sleep in my arms.”

15. “This is our kitty, Blaze. We adopted him a month ago, and he’s already won everyone’s hearts here. We love him. 😘🥰🐱🐱”

16. “My beautiful Kisha. She’s my daughter and I love her with all my heart. ❤️”

17. “My baby. He’s so vain and arrogant, I don’t know where he got that from!!!”

18. “This black beauty loves keeping me company and he doesn’t take his eyes off me. He asks me to pet him all the time and starts crying like a baby if I don’t. And he’s almost 2 years old already!”

19. “This is Maia. She comes to say hi and starts meowing when I get back from work. I like to think she’s saying, ‘I’ve been waiting for you’.”

20. “Meet Snowflake, our rescued and spoiled kitty 😻”

21. “My little boy’s watching TV.”

22. “Apparently, he likes drinking water from the glass.”

23. “My Coco is like a son to me. He sleeps in my bed. I took him from the street when he was just a baby. He’ll turn 6 in May.”

24. “Someone likes watching TV.”

25. “My baby”

26. “My mom is hugging my little Gunther. He doesn’t like it at all. 😏”

27. “This is Marcus, our feline son. We love him.”

28. “I had never had cats before, but my daughter wanted one, and they are so cute. To me, he behaves just like a person.”

Bonus: Not all cats are that “sweet.”

“My cat is so ungrateful... She only looks for me whenever she wants food. Otherwise, it’s like I don’t even exist. 🤨🤨 She’s the black sheep of the family. 🤣🤣”

How’s your relationship with your cat? Do you treat it like one of your children? Would you like to tell us about your bond with your pet and share some pictures with us? We’ll be waiting for you in the comment section!

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We have two cats right now, both were taken from the shelter. One of them was 3 years older, another one was just a kitty. Tony, the old one was so scared of people, seems like his previous owners hurt his little heart :(

we knew right away we had to take him and shower with love as much as we can. We keep doing every day!


Such sweet stories though. My puppy was bought and given to me, but I still try to be the best owner for him!

He got attached to me from the very first day and I can't be more happy about that ?


I haven´t had cat yet but I feel that when I get one I'm gonna love it just like a child. The way I do with my dog ???


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