20 Broken Artifacts That Were “Fixed” Without Much Talent but With Creativity and Humor

3 years ago

Whether it’s an air conditioner that breaks down or a handle that comes off a door, the reality is that few people know how to fix a broken object in a neat, well-done way. But even if people don’t have the knowledge to repair anything, the truth is that to get out of the way or to postpone an expense, they arrive at “temporary” solutions that probably don’t fix anything, but as ideas go, they are brilliant.

Bright Side wants to share with you 20 situations when people found a crazy but genius way to solve a problem.

1. Someone broke the toilet and this site decided to present it as an abstract artwork with an unknown avant-garde artist.

2. “My boot broke... but I think I made it better this way.”

3. “I broke my mother’s bowl, and it was easier for me to make an avant-garde cactus pot than to glue the broken pieces back together.”

4. “I broke a cup at work, I don’t think anyone will notice.” (Maybe the pot from the previous post was a better idea.)

5. “The sink drain broke in half, so I fixed it ’temporarily’ with a coke can and duct tape.”

6. If the air conditioner breaks down, you now know what to do.

7. This car’s control knob replacement outperforms all other knobs.

8. “My cousin broke a plate and she tried to hide it from my aunt.”

9.“Someone broke the office’s lucky cat and left an apology...” (that was probably better than trying to fix it.)

10. “Wouldn’t it have just been better to buy a new lid?”

11. “The mixer broke and this was the best replacement.”

12. “My cats broke the mirror, so I drew my reflection using markers.”

13. “My daughter broke the coffee maker, so I had to improvise.”

14. “My door latch broke.”

15. “My headphones broke, so I fixed them.”

16. Can everything be repaired with children’s toys?

17. “I would never have thought that a bicycle pedal could replace a handle, until today.”

18. Why buy a towel rack when you can make this work of art?

19. “So my sandals broke and my dad decided to fix them the only way a dad can...”

20. “Our toothbrush holder broke, so this school craft will serve a purpose for the first time.”

When something in your home breaks and you don’t know how to repair it, do you call a professional or do you try to fix it by yourself? If you want to share your own home solutions to everyday problems, we’d love to read them in the comments.

Preview photo credit RedWebster / Imgur


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