20+ Cats and Dogs That Are So Special, They’re Truly One of a Kind

4 years ago

Many people have something special about their appearance (like eyes that are 2 different colors, for example). But the same is absolutely true for animals, and such unique traits make them look really exotic and unusual.

Bright Side just couldn’t help but share some photos of these cute pets that look so unique, it’s extremely unlikely that there’s another animal that looks like them anywhere in the world.

1. “He looks really elegant.”

2. “My dad sent me a picture of this cat whose markings make it look like it’s being devoured by another, even goofier cat.”

3. “Fitzgerald and his favorite toy”

4. “BeBop has quite the forehead mark.”

5. “My dog has no tail, 2 different-colored eyes, and although she’s 11, she still acts like a puppy.”

6. “This is Pepper, a rare eyebrow dog.”

7. “My dog has lips.”

8. “This is Murphy. Murphy bullies my cat and has a Pac-Man on his lip/nose.”

9. “I’ve been told my dog has crazy eyes.”

10. “Elli was born with tuxedo markings and turned almost completely white over the course of 3 years due to vitiligo.”

11. A cat with different socks

12. “Hello, I’m Luna! I have a beautiful heart-shaped spot right over my eye.”

13. “It seems she needs a new eyebrow artist...”

14. “My cat has lips.”

15. “She’s 1 year old and only her ears have grown. I can’t complain because she’d hear me...”

16. “My pup taking a snooze by the window”

17. “Our cat has the number 3 on her paw.”

18. “This is Roscoe. He’s the best boy.”

19. “My cat has a cat on her back.”

20. “I swear he’s not angry, he’s just got some mean brows.”

21. “My boss brought in her cat Coraline today. She has thumbs and I love her.”

22. This beautiful dachshund with vitiligo

23. “My sister’s cat has the prettiest face that I’ve personally ever seen!”

24. “A good boy wears a heart on his head!”

What do your pets look like? Is there something about their appearance that amazes everyone who sees them?

Preview photo credit Semantiks / Reddit


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Haha 20 is the best, I would love to have this one, could look at his little face all day ??


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