20 Celebrities Who Married After 40 and Proved It’s Never Too Late to Find Love

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We want to respectfully disagree with Bob Dylan who once said: “Passion is a young man’s game.” We truly believe that passion and love can strike anyone at any time, and there’s no way to escape Cupid’s arrow. Many celebrities show through their own experience that sometimes the partners we meet later in life were worth the wait all along.

We at Bright Side believe that you never know when your soulmate will enter your life and we have the following famous couples to support this sentiment.

1. Dwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson

Age at the time of marriage: 47

Spouse: Lauren Hashian

It took The Rock nearly 12 years to pop the question. The couple first met on the set of The Game Plan (2007) and started dating shortly after, but they got married in 2019 in Hawaii.

2. George Clooney

Age at the time of marriage: 53

Spouse: Amal Alamuddin

Former notorious bachelor George Clooney quickly settled after meeting the beautiful and sophisticated Amal. They got married after less than a year of dating in September 2014.

3. Cameron Diaz

Age at the time of marriage: 42

Spouse: Benji Madden

Cameron and Benji fell in love quickly and got married only 10 months after meeting for the first time. Yet another couple that proves when it’s right, you can feel it.

4. Amy Adams

Age at the time of marriage: 40

Spouse: Darren LeGallo

Although the famous actress married her soulmate in 2015, they’ve known each other since 2001 and they got engaged in 2008. Some things are worth the wait.

5. Bruce Willis

Age at the time of marriage: 54

Spouse: Emma Heming

With Bruce and Emma things happened very quickly. They went out on one date in 2007 and almost went their separate ways, but “fell mad crazy in love,” according to Willis. 2 years later they were married and are insanely happy to this day.

6. Salma Hayek

Age at the time of marriage: 42

Spouse: François-Henri Pinault

Salma and François-Henri had not one, but 2 wedding ceremonies in 2009: first one was held on Valentine’s Day and the second one 2 months later in Venice.

7. Julianne Moore

Age at the time of marriage: 42

Spouse: Bart Freundlich

Julianne and Bart are an example of a classic Hollywood love formula. The couple met in 1997 when he was directing her in The Myth of Fingerprints, and they got married 6 years later. Nearly 17 years later, they’re still very happy together.

8. Daniel Craig

Age at the time of marriage: 43

Spouse: Rachel Weisz

Craig and Weisz had a lovely little celebration of their love in 2011. There were only 4 people in attendance, including Daniel’s daughter and Rachel’s son from their previous marriages.

9. David Foster

Age at the time of marriage: 70

Spouse: Katharine McPhee

Fate played a certain part in David and Katharine’s love story. They first met when McPhee was a contestant on American Idol in 2006, where Foster was a judge. Nothing happened at the time, but 13 years later they reconnected and got married.

10. Mariska Hargitay

Age at the time of marriage: 40

Spouse: Peter Hermann

When Hargitay met yet another guest star on her show Law & Order: SVU in 2004, she had no idea he’d become her husband. Peter found a permanent spot in Mariska’s life and still pops up on the famous TV series alongside his wife.

11. Jessica Chastain

Age at the time of marriage: 40

Spouse: Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo

Technically, Jessica Chastain is part of Italian royalty since Gian Luca is a count from a noble family. They met in 2012 and got married in 2017, and although this didn’t give Chastain a royal title, she’s happy to settle for just her loving husband.

12. Barbra Streisand

Age at the time of marriage: 56

Spouse: James Brolin

Barbra and James met on a blind date when they were both already in their 50s. Streisand once revealed that the first thing she said to him was a joke about his hair and that was the moment he fell for her. They tied the knot in 1998 and have been together ever since.

13. Richard Gere

Age at the time of marriage: 69

Spouse: Alejandra Silva

Silva was able to spark love in Gere, who, at the time of their marriage, had already been divorced twice and was approaching his 70s. They prove you never know when your life will find a new beginning.

14. Hugh Grant

Age at the time of marriage: 58

Spouse: Anna Eberstein

Grant and Eberstein prefer to keep their happiness to themselves. They dated for 6 years and were raising 3 of their own children before finally marrying in 2018.

15. Vince Vaughn

Age at the time of marriage: 40

Spouse: Kyla Weber

The actor’s wife is a realtor and isn’t a fan of the spotlight (she’s not seen in public often), but for the dashing Vince she was able to overlook his star status. The couple married in 2010 and are now raising their son and daughter.

16. Dick Van Dyke

Age at the time of marriage: 86

Spouse: Arlene Silver

Van Dyke met Arlene when he was still with his long-time partner in 2006. 6 years and one loss later, the Mary Poppins star reunited with 40-year-old Silver and decided to spend the rest of his life with her. As of 2020, they’re still going strong.

17. Alec Baldwin

Age at the time of marriage: 54

Spouse: Hilaria Thomas

Baldwin fell hard and fast for the stunning yoga instructor and married her within a year of their first meeting. Alec and Hilaria already have 4 children together and announced that they’re expecting their fifth in April 2020.

18. John Stamos

Age at the time of marriage: 55

Spouse: Caitlin McHugh

Before marrying Caitlin, Stamos had been officially single for 13 years after his divorce in 2005. McHugh not only brought love back into his life, but also gave him his first child, their son Billy (b. 2018).

19. Harrison Ford

Age at the time of marriage: 68

Spouse: Calista Flockhart

Ford and Flockhart were in no rush to get married when they started dating in 2002. Harrison finally proposed on Valentine’s Day of 2009, and a year later they were a married couple.

20. Lisa Bonet

Age at the time of marriage: 50

Spouse: Jason Momoa

Momoa has been in love with his future wife since he was 8 years old and saw her on TV. So it’s no surprise that Lisa was swept off her feet when she finally met him in 2005. And she, in turn, made all his dreams come true. Interestingly, the couple didn’t officially marry until 2017, but they’ve always been as happy as can be.

At what age did you find your soulmate? Do you know anyone who’s found love later in life?


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George and Amal are my favorite couple ever! They truly make a great duo


I became 40 now recently... But still I

have never found my soulmate but I wish I will find mine...by the way very interesting and touchy Article it is...??


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