20 Celebrities Who Never Miss the Chance to Show Love to Their Fans

2 years ago

Fame brings too much undesirable attention, and celebrities are mainly deprived of their private life. However, many of them do appreciate their admirers so much they are ready to give some love back. Some of these stories even turned into a romance.

We at Bright Side have collected some user pictures from across the internet where celebrities acted super caring toward their fans.

1. “Keanu Reeves used to rent a house from my uncle. Here’s my souvenir. Hollywood, 1991”

2. “We met Jason Momoa and my husband came up with this great idea. 2 years later and I haven’t washed my hair!”

3. “It’s my cake day! I met Maisie, she loved me (well my backpack!)”

4. “I met I Dream of Jeannie, Barbara Eden, 88 years young.”

5. “Dad took me to the racetrack 7 years ago. Met Paul Walker, he stuck his finger up my nose.”

6. “It’s been one year since I trolled Hugh Jackman!”

7. “After I posted my painting of Bad Luck Brian, Mr. Bad Luck himself contacted me to purchase it.”

8. “I met Patrick Stewart once. He’s the kindest celebrity I’ve ever met.”

9. “Me and my fiancée met Kal Penn while backpacking the Himalayas last year and he invited us to LA and Toronto.”

10. “My friend’s grandma met Denzel Washington for her 99th birthday.”

11. “When I met Gal Gadot! She’s really nice! Also, fun fact: Chris Pine took these photos.”

12. “In 2016, I met Michael Rooker and he posted about it.”

13. “Steve Carell is incredibly kind and just as hilarious in person.”

14. “I met Jim Carrey!!!!”

15. “Buddy of mine met Elijah Wood. He asked Elijah to pretend he was the biggest creep in the world.”

16. “I met Mads...”

17. “I met Mel Brooks today in LA. He was very funny and told me how to position my camera, as light reflects better this way.”

18. “That one time I met Arnold...”

19. “I met my favorite ginger!”

20. “My son Neo met his namesake today. As a bonus, my name is Konstantin. It was awesome.”

Do you have any interesting stories about meeting a celebrity?

Preview photo credit arthvadr / Reddit


Many years ago l met Bo Didley, had an impromptu jam session. Hrs later l left with an autographed photo. it was special to me so have never published it, ever. The jam session was amazing and l wasn't there for the publicity.

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