20+ Cheap and Handy Kitchen Gadgets That You Might Want to Add to Your Wishlist Right Away

4 years ago

People are different, but we all have the same issues in the kitchen — splashes from the sink, clogged drains, a lack of speed while making dumplings, or a dirty microwave oven that is very hard to clean. Fortunately, all of these, and other troubles, have affordable solutions.

Bright Side has already saved some of these gadgets to our to-buy list. Maybe you’ll also want a few of them.

Gloves for washing the dishes

Heat-resistant and wear-resistant gloves are suitable for washing dishes and cleaning the house. They can also replace potholders. You can choose your favorite color and buy the gloves here.

Garlic crusher

A small silicone garlic crusher will save your time and prevent your hands from getting that unpleasant garlicky smell. You can buy it here.

Garlic press

This small and portable device helps to protect your hands from the unpleasant smell, as well as save your time. You can buy it here.

Teabag holder

These colorful snails are actually pretty functional for your mug — they’re there to hold your teabag tag. You can order your own snail here.

Anti-splash protection

You can buy these anti-splash pandas, to prevent getting yourself wet while washing the dishes or getting burnt with hot oil while cooking, here.

Bag holder

If you often feel you need more hands to deal with all the stuff in the kitchen, you can buy an assistant that will hold your bags here.

Gadget for making dumplings

If you like to eat dumplings more than you like making them, you’ll definitely like this gadget. You can buy it here.

Food roller

This gadget will be useful for those who like to stuff grape, cabbage, or other leaves with meat (or other products). You can buy it here.

Protector for draining water

This leaf will prevent cereal and pasta from falling into the sink. You can buy it here.

Sprayer for citrus fruit

link for those who don’t like to squeeze lemons with their hands.

Brush for washing cutlery

Forks and serrated knives won’t annoy you while you’re washing them anymore. You can buy a special brush for all those inconvenient-to-wash kitchen utensils here.

Creative watermelon slicer

Now you can slice a watermelon in the shape of a popsicle and your kids will love this gadget for sure. You can buy this unusual kitchen gadget here.

Microwave oven steam cleaner

If you get tired and annoyed while cleaning the microwave, this angry girl will solve the issue and she’s waiting for you here.

Oil spray

This will be useful both in the kitchen and on picnics. You can buy this gadget here.

Kitchen organizer

From now on, fans of spices and sauces will be able to have a perfectly organized kitchen. This organizer is available here.

Cutting board with a strainer

This cutting board has an anti-slip and an anti-bacterial surface that has a special strainer for products. It’s available here.

Leakproof lid

This lid will preserve the heat and protect the mug from getting small insects inside. You can buy this adorable product here.

Portable plastic bag sealer

You can buy this thermal sealer here.

Pop-up protective cover

This can be extremely useful in the summertime and on picnics. You can buy this protective cover for insects and dust here.

Drain filters

You can find the solution to one of the most unpleasant kitchen issues here.

Popsicle mold

You can make tasty and natural popsicles by yourself and find all the necessary stuff for them here.

Honey jar

A perfect solution for those who don’t like to get honey using a spoon. You can buy this jar here.

Cover for keeping food warm

This cover will help to keep your food hot or warm (if it takes you too long to get to the table). You can buy it here.

Adjustable fridge boxes

There never seem to be enough boxes in the fridge, especially for the smaller things. By the way, you can buy them here.

Magnetic pot holders

These adorable, butterfly-shaped pot holders can easily be stored by attaching them to the fridge or any other metal surface. You can buy them here.

Which issues do you encounter in the kitchen most often? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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Oil dpray will be good for other liquid dressing for salads, for example my favorite soy sauce


I love adding garlic to my meat and other foods I cook, but how I hate this smell that you can't remove from your fingers for the whole day! I will definitely buy this crusher!


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