20+ Comics Most Parents Will Recognize Themselves in at First Glance

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3 years ago

Giving birth to kids can turn your family life upside down. Marina Bistrova, a mother of 2 boys and the author of comics about parenting, not only sees curious everyday happenings but also draws them colorfully.

We at Bright Side enjoyed looking though these lighthearted comics and found bits of ourselves in them too. Perhaps many of our readers will find a lot of familiar parenting moments in these drawings as well.

“Several days in a maternity ward is a small lifetime.”

“We all take part in many non-romantic things after becoming parents.”

“Now it’s time for the cherry on top — you’ve calculated and planned everything, and suddenly, down came the rain. Oh, no!”

“I’m as hard as a rock when it comes to words, but I become much softer when it comes to actions.”

“Bathing reality: one wrong move and you’ll hear a loud shout. That’s why I awarded my husband the title of the main bather in our family.”

“When it comes to parents, they’re all so different but at the same time, joined with one common feeling: endless love for their kids.”

“What entertainment do I get at 6 a.m.? Watch my little one try to catch the tip of the Sphynx cat’s bald tail with his toothless mouth, of course.”

“Once, I drew comics about my husband not being able to hold our kid and one kind woman wrote to me: ’He will learn to do it when you have the second kid.’ Funnily enough, it was, in fact, our second kid.”

Every mother has high hopes for a bright future and hot coffee.

“I pondered upon how difficult it might be for men to change their lifestyle. He used to live with a woman he loves and she was happy when he returned home. Now she is happy that a pair of helping hands is back.”

“Breastfeeding has its disadvantages that usually remain unspoken. ’Of course, I’ll let you go out — just leave as much breastmilk as possible.’ Yep, will several gallons be enough?”

“Fathers are such fathers. This comic is dedicated to my husband Phillip who can’t admit the obvious for me. Fact: our 3-year-old has more energy than both his parents, combined.”

“My hair is falling out naturally but my kids like to test it.”

“The longer my maternity leave is, the more my leaving home looks like an escape.”

"Even if a kid has their own bed, still, the parents’ bed stays the most preferable place for falling asleep. As they say: ’First come, first served!’’’

“You may see a post about the specifics of having a personal life during maternity leave. But since the topic is very delicate, the text is written with transparent sympathetic ink.”

“Only after having kids, do I realize what a luxury having no sounds around you can be, and that it’s possible to love silence. And then you’ll start hearing your personal thoughts in this emptiness.”

“When seeing your reflection in the mirror provides great inspiration”

“My 3-year-old is sure that his mother is ready to play with him at any moment. And he takes advantage of any situation.”

“When there’s nowhere you can put down a pacifier, you have to wear it on your finger. But I have one question: how did the manufacturers know the size of my finger? It fits perfectly.”

“Hey, girls and boys from the 1990s: I’m in a nostalgic mood!”

What 3 words would you use to describe your parenting experience?

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reading all those comics about mothers makes me respect our mothers even more. They had to go through all of this for us!


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