20+ Crazy Outfits That Fashion Designers Suggest We Wear This Fall

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The term haute couture originally referred to making high-fashion custom-fitted dresses for private clients. Though, now it is used in a much broader sense, embracing the whole set of designers activities aimed at creating the most unusual and even shocking looks.

For the fall 2018 runways, designers presented a whole set of crazy — or should we say trendy? — looks to the public.

We at Bright Side have prepared for you this compilation of the most outstanding models. Would you dare to wear one of these?

Sleeves are outdated.

A radical approach toward the problem of freezing hands.

Oh, wait...They’re back!

Just find some useless lampshades — and you’re amazing!

“Big Brother is watching you.”

For those who think eyes are their main strength.

Total White

Now we know who played White Swan in the school play.

“Monday Morning”

When you just don’t want to get out of bed.

Too many sweaters? No!

When you want to be trendy, but Granny keeps sending you sweaters as a gift.

A box hat

Everyone’s tired of that “think out of the box” message, right?

A “ragdoll” look

Well, at least her hat and shoes are matching, like in the good old days.

A phone number shirt

Who needs business cards if you’ve got this?

Tinfoil hat

No more risk of having your thoughts stolen.

Mr. Sunshine

No one will call him dull this fall.

A beer can dress

You love beer, cowboys, and fashion? Got it!

Mosquito hat?

Be in style — even in a tropical forest.

Gas mask handbag

This guy is ready for any emergency situation you can — or even can’t — imagine.

Huge hands

It seems Hulk prefers pink this fall.

Kitchen lady

It´s sushi time.

Sparkling bubbles

Oh, regular puffers are so boring.

Gown and graduation hat

Ready for the last year of college.

A...dummy hat?

Well, it’s at least bold...

Wearing an inflatable pool

When you miss summer on a rainy day.

Which one did you like the most? Or maybe you have some other tremendous haute couture favorites for this fall? Feel free to share in the comments!


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