20+ Dads Who Always Have Their Child’s Back No Matter What

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3 years ago

From painting their daughter’s nails and styling her hair, to supporting her in marrying the love of her life, there’s nothing modern dads are refusing to do to keep their children happy. Grateful children and happy dads are sharing their stories on the internet and they’re so cute, they’ll make you want to hug your dad right away.

Bright Side has collected some of these heartwarming stories for our readers.

1. 7 years ago my dad put me in gay conversion therapy. Today he tied my bow before officiating my wedding to my wife.

2. I’m a lone dad learning how to do different hairstyles for my daughter with the help of YouTube videos.

3. My dad is going through a bad divorce with my mom. I texted him saying I loved him and this was his response.

4. My dad enjoying a tea party with my daughter and niece

5. My dad has always worked 2 jobs to support our family.

“Recently he was laid off and it was the first time in my lifetime that he had been out of work. Being jobless wasn’t easy for him and job hunting was no fun at all. Today he starts his new job. Go get ‘em dad.”

6. My 6-year-old autistic son loves police cars and their wee-oo-wee-oos. His dad made sure he got a photo with one.

7. Dad giving his daughter a pedicure

8. I’m a widower dad who made it through the first round of holidays with a baby and without a wife... we’re getting by.

9. This dad turned his son’s wheelchair into a digger for Halloween.

10. My 6-year-old daughter has been asking for months to have a mohawk like me. I cut it for her today. My kid is the coolest.

11. “I donated a kidney to my 5-year-old son yesterday!”

12. “They would all scream for food at once, so this is the best thing I came up with to do 3 bottles simultaneously.”

13. “It’s not always easy being a single dad, but sometimes I get to experience some things other dads might not.”

14. “Went fishing with the ’lil guy. He hasn’t stopped talking about it. He’ll tell anyone that listens.”

15. She’s too young for Comicon, so my little girl and I had a Comicon at home, featuring her favorites!

16. I promised my 3-year-old last night that I would make pancakes this morning. Woke up to the power out, but a promise is a promise.

17. “Wife likes to FaceTime with the baby while she pumps at work, but he can’t hold the iPad himself yet. So...”

18. “Having a daughter means you have to encourage her interests, and step out of your comfort zone.”

19. “Teaching junior how to brush his teeth”

20. “I made a climbing wall so he can turn off the lights himself.”

21. I’m a single dad. My daughter asked when I was going to teach her how to shave her legs. Well, today was the day...

22. When you are a single dad, you get frequent manicures:

What is your fondest memory that you share with your father?

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