20+ Daily Events That Were Immortalized in a Unique Way

2 years ago

Some people say that snapping a great photo takes equal parts skill and luck. It’s not enough that you know how to tinker with the features of your camera, it’s also important that all the other elements outside your control have aligned for that perfect shot.

Bright Side has curated some average, everyday photos that have taken an impressively artistic turn, thanks to a unique point of view and a bit of help from Lady Luck. You’ll definitely do a double-take and wonder whether they are just regular pictures or incredible works of modern art.

1. “Probably the best photo I will ever take. Taken this morning.”

2. The Space Needle as seen from a puddle

3. “Accidental lemur photo. Fiancé flinched as the lemur jumped, resulting in this shot.”

4. Who needs Instagram filters when you have your trusty sunglasses?

5. The Dark Knight rises during sunset.

6. “Took this photo of an empty barn window. Turned out looking like a picture on the wall.”

7. An impressionist painting of the Eiffel? Or a photo taken one rainy day in Paris?

8. “Accidentally took a pic of a shooting star last night!”

9. “An ’accidental terrarium’ found in the woods!”

10. “My coffee break at San Francisco MOMA yesterday turned into modern art.”

11. “My candlewick turned into a flower when it was blown out.”

12. “Technology is awesome. Took this a few years ago with my iPhone.”

13. “Met this pupper at the park. He asked if I liked his boots.”

14. “Planned this shot for months before coming to the US, but I didn’t expect the sun to make the rails golden.”

15. “All I did was take a photo of my friend, I didn’t expect it to look this good.”

16. “I caught my dogs making the same face by accident. Looks like they’re singing.”

17. Is this the most epic proposal photo ever taken at the Golden Gate Bridge or what?

18. “Do you see her? Got really lucky with shadows in New Mexico.”

19. “Took a perfectly timed photo of my boyfriend chopping wood.”

20. “Caught my aunt’s dog mid-sneeze.”

21. “My dog caught the sunlight and now he’s a magical pup.”

22. “My grandfather is 88 and still so much fun.”

How about you? Have you taken a great photo lately that wowed your family and friends? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit dubs*oter / Reddit


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