16 Truly Marvelous Things That People Had the Chance to See

2 years ago

Heraclitus once said, “If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail.” And that is true if you think about how many of us expect something unique and out of the ordinary to happen in our lives. Maybe it’s not something life-changing, but something simple and equally wonderful.

Bright Side couldn’t be happier to be sharing these 16 stunning photos that will show you something new about life.

1. This is what 1 million mosquitoes that were caught in a trap look like.

2. “My mug is sweating tea through the cracks in the ceramic.”

3. “I’ve never seen a pair of dress shoes with split toes.”

4. “A beautiful sap formation from a cashew tree”

5. “The neighbor’s lemon tree grew a long one.”

6. “This tiny screwdriver I found at my job”

7. “This chicken coop is a tiny replica of the main house in my neighborhood.”

8. “My son and I walked past a washed-up skull of a humpback whale today.”

9. “This public restroom I used has a fireplace in it.”

10. “This packet of sponges came with a free hedgehog.”

11. “Thomas the train in real life”

12. “Snow hiding in the car’s shadow”

13. “An AT&T cell tower with fake branches for birds to hang out on”

14. “’Complimentary sticks’ for dogs in a posh part of London”

15. “This little VW van”

16. “My friend’s outfit perfectly matched my coffee cup today.”

Have you ever seen something that made you stop in your tracks and stare for some time?

Preview photo credit spky_ / reddit


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