19 Designs That Gave Ordinary Objects an Unexpected Twist

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It may seem that we live in a world where everything has been invented, but talented designers never stop surprising us. Wedding rings with a spouse’s fingerprints, a creative package that turns chocolates into Brussels sprouts, and a plate that shows you a breathtaking view of a shrine as you slowly pour soy sauce on it — these and other brilliant designs prove that imagination and creativity can transform anything, even the most ordinary objects you can think of.

Here at Bright Side we’ve selected these 19 unusual designs for you whose authors were thinking outside the box, and we hope you like them!

1. This dish shows a Shinto shrine when you pour soy sauce on it.

2. “My and my husband’s wedding rings have each other’s fingerprints engraved on them.”

3. The wrapping of these chocolates makes them look like Brussels sprouts.

4. The surface of this pan makes hexagonal oil shapes.

5. A dome in this pond lets the fish go above the water level and look at the people around.

6. This picture is different in the mirror.

7. This hexagonal graph paper was specially designed for taking notes on organic chemistry. It looks very handy, doesn’t it?

8. This ball is actually honey and you can drop it into your tea.

9. This painted sink is a real masterpiece. Don’t you agree?

10. The tires of these bikes have no air, and you don’t need to inflate them.

11. This plate has a painted fly as part of the design.

12. A chocolate bar that is divided into unequal pieces

13. These sanitary pads have curious facts printed on the other side.

14. You can keep this spoon on the mug without dipping it into the drink.

15. A Sudoku board that uses colors instead of numbers

16. This manhole cover is the Aztec sun stone.

17. This water bottle has a mountain as its logo and at the bottom.

18. Bottle caps that show coordinates of the best camping and fishing locations

19. This napkin perfectly matches the design of the plate.

Which of these designs seem the most interesting to you? Do you have some more pictures to add to our collection?

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit soverylucky / Reddit


#13 is really disturbing. No normal person would ever buy that - where is the remaining 1/140th of the chocolate?
#13 is a bit disturbing. I love breaking chocolates in EVEN pieces :D
I wouldn't be able to eat these Brussels sprouts chocolates. When I eat some food that looks like other food, I expect the different taste, and then get disappointed ?
I would like to have such a bike like in #11, such a good invention
Long time ago I found this photo on the internet, and it's my favorite design idea ever since :)
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