10+ Examples of Devastatingly Powerful Social Advertising From 2016

10 months ago

Social advertising often highlights issues that most of us prefer to keep silent about. This is why it’s so incredibly important.

We at Bright Side believe a single poster can often be more convincing than any number of words. Here are some examples to prove this to you.

Give blood. Replenish someone’s life.

A project promoting organ transplants in China.

Child labor. If you don’t speak up, it doesn’t stop.

The longer a child with autism goes without help, the harder they are to reach.

On the importance of making the city accessible for disabled people.

A project aimed at raising awareness about loneliness among the elderly.

A poster for the UN’s World Food Program.

This is how the environment lives: trying to survive.

A reminder that deforestation causes real suffering.

It’s not fur. It’s someone’s mother.

Pokemon are real. Save them all.

Preview photo credit adofdamonth, Box Comunicacao


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A photo from the developing world: the selfie that shouldn't exist.
I couldnt understand this one


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