20 Fantastic Murals That’ll Stop You in Your Tracks

4 years ago

Street art gets a bad reputation sometimes and unfairly so, because it can bring color to the grayest areas of a city. Some of these works of art are so incredible, they make even the busiest people stop and take a breather — to enjoy the beauty or the message from these murals. Plus, let’s be honest, turning a corner and seeing Winnie the Pooh buying honey or a life-sized stack of Hot Wheels must be an exciting surprise!

Bright Side made you a photo compilation of stunning murals that will definitely leave you in awe.

1. If only birds this big and majestic were real.

2. It probably wants to kiss its creator.

3. Slytherins assemble!

4. “It’s the eye of the cat, it’s the thrill of the fight...”

5. If he lets go, we’ll be running like we’ve never run before.

6. Gotta grab ’em all.

7. The levels of creativity here went through the roof.

8. What happens when you think outside the box:

9. “Talking with an unusual friend.”

10. Don’t just stand there, run!

11. A huge Macaw skull painted on an old winery

12. Proof that any ordinary building can become extraordinary:

13. The amount of talent required to make this happen is probably way bigger than the bus.

14. Imagine all the amazing profile photos you could take here.

15. It must be awesome coming home to this every day.

16. Hot Wheels for all tastes and sizes

17. Either Snow White is huge or that garage is just very tiny.

18. Maybe we should all chip in and help Winnie buy his honey somewhere else.

19. It’s hard to believe that this isn’t actually a hallway.

20. The most distracted pedestrians will get the fright of a lifetime.

We know it might be challenging, because all of them are mind-blowing, but can you pick a favorite? And do you have any photos of other amazing murals that you’d like to share with us? We’ll be waiting to hear from you in the comments!


Masterpieces. I really love such street art. Would be cool to have more of such arts on the streets of my city!
Sadly, I don't think those 3d ones like the house for example look that great from any different angle ?

Still very nice art tho!

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