20 Furry Moms Whose Babies Won Our Hearts

4 years ago

It’s not just humans who take extraordinary measures to raise and nurture children, the entire animal kingdom is rife with moms who love and care for their babies profusely. If you thought your mom spent sleepless nights changing diapers, animal moms probably have to deal with a lot more poop, fur, and predators.

In celebration of mothers, both human and animal, Bright Side presents you with 20 amazing photographs of baby animals with their moms that can make any human heart melt.

1. I, big wrinkle, made all these little wrinkles.

2. Puppy bums

3. Mom after a day of hard work: Don’t let the kids out.

4. This mommy needs a rest from feeding all these babies and seeks comfort on a couch!!

5. Mother gives birth to quindecaplets...here she looks so proud!!

6. Now that’s what we mean by disciplined pups.

7. I strongly believe that this breed of dog will never go extinct.

8. Mom’s gonna protect all her kids.

9. Taking the kids for a morning walk

10. Got photobombed...

11. ...finally the kids are all asleep.

12. This kid found the best place to sleep.

13. I shall have dinner after I finish watching Pokémon...

14. When one sibling plays pillow...

15. Thank God you all are sleeping, now I can pose for the camera!!

16. My thirst is quenched!

17. In you we see ourselves!

18. Beware of the swimming pool kids!

19. Vigilant parents

20. Let’s play treasure hunt together!

Aren’t they all totally adorable? Which did you like the most? If you have photographs of pups, cubs, calves, or kittens doing their thing with their mom, share them with us in the comments.


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