20 Generous Doggos Who Simply Couldn’t Leave Their Humans Without a Gift

3 years ago

Dogs give us oceans of love and affection, but sometimes they think it’s just not enough. They set their hunting instincts free and bring us perfect gifts, hoping that we’ll like them. So, if one day your dog brings you a toy, a cucumber, or even another dog, remember that your pooch tried their best to find you something special. Accept the gift with gratitude, smile, and give your dog the nice belly rub they deserve.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve picked 20 funny and sometimes weird gifts that dogs have presented to their humans, and you’re welcome to add to our collection with the pics of gifts you’ve received from your pets.

1. “My friend is a new mom. Today her dog brought her this.”

2. “My girlfriend’s dog knew she wasn’t feeling well so she brought her a toy.”

3. “This is Zoey’s pillow. If she likes you, she’ll bring you the pillow. You can’t touch it, but you can look.”

4. “My dog brings me things out of my toolbox, randomly hoping it’ll be something I need. Sometimes it works.”

5. “My friend’s dog found a kitten in the yard, brought it inside with her mouth, and has been fostering it ever since.”

6. “My dog, Aspen always grabs things out of the pantry and brings them to us with this face.”

7. “My dog brought me some dirt today.”

8. “He brought me a...tomato?!”

9. “My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing — looking super cute while doing it too.”

10. “Marley brought me a dirty, stinky toy.”

11. “My dog brought an onion home...”

12. “My niece was playing with Mr. Potato Head. My dog wanted to play fetch so he brought me what he found.”

13. “She brought me a marshmallow.”

14. “Last day at work — I think the office dog wants me to stay because he brought me all of his toys.”

15. “Found this old pupper wandering the streets and I returned him to his home. He brought me his ducky as a thank you.”

16. “My dog brought home a friend. Turns out it’s my neighbors’ golden who has been missing for 2 weeks.”

17. “I took my girl swimming and she found a stick. After she dragged it a quarter of a mile, we brought it home with us and she is so happy.”

18. “It’s the third one my dog has brought back inside. We don’t have a garden. At least we didn’t think we did.”

19. “I had a bummer of a Valentine’s Day. This good boy brought me his bone and put it in my lap. Beats flowers!”

20. “He brought me 4 toys and a bed to get my attention.”

Has your pet ever brought you anything as a gift? What was it? If you have a picture of the exchange, please show it to us in the comments!

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how can you not give this good boy at 6 a treat... just look at those eyes ?


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