20 Hardcore Dads Who Stay on Top of the Parenting Game 24/7/365

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4 years ago

Every dad has made a special dad joke at least once that the whole family simultaneously laughed and groaned about. They make fun of their adult children learning how to drive, they make fun of their infants trying to move around the house, they make fun of their kids by performing magical tricks that are impossible to undo without damage.

We at Brightside found 20 dads who stay on top of their game with their embarrassing humor.

1. This dad prepared pretty well for his daughter’s first driving lesson.

2. This dad loves magic tricks, but pretty much hates his children.

3. This dad’s child grew up too soon.

4. This dad obviously loves Jurassic World and everything about it.

5. This dad is too inventive for his children’s good

6. This dad is just too generous.

7. This dad is so ingenious, his wife has nothing to worry about.

8. This dad lets his children showcase their art skills.

9. This dad is the most Canadian dad out there.

10. This dad loves and hates his dog at the same time.

11. This dad wants his child in custody.

12. This dad couldn’t miss the opportunity.

13. This dad loves hair extensions a tad too much.

14. This dad is ready to do anything for his daughters.

15. This dad saw the opportunity and he took it.

16. This dad is perfectly overprotective.

17. This dad loves makeup just as much as his daughter.

18. This dad likes eating his own face

19. This dad knows his own worth.

20. This dad loves protesting.

If you have similar photos of your father being the dad, share them in the comments below.


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