20+ Hilarious Reasons Why You May Want to Rethink Getting a German Shepherd

3 years ago

Do you love German Shepherds? Have you seen every episode of Inspector Rex and are in love with this dog breed? Anyone who has ever decided to do this will agree that German Shepherds are the last breed you should consider when choosing a dog companion — unless you don’t mind their crazy shenanigans. And the photos from this article beautifully illustrate why this is true.

Bright Side offers you to take a look at German Shepherds through the eyes of their owners and understand that these dogs and a quiet life can’t exist together.

1. They never sleep. Ever.

2. There is no way you can teach them anything.

3. They are terrifying!

4. Going to the supermarket with them is a nightmare.

5. There is no way you can take them anywhere.

6. And when they stay alone, they will destroy everything they can.

7. It’s not a good idea to keep these dogs at home.

8. They can’t love, either.

9. They don’t have any weaknesses.

Except for ice cream.

10. They are elegant and very dangerous.

11. And they aren’t very cute.

12. Plus they are scared of everything!

13. And you can’t leave them with other dogs.

14. They won’t smile.

15. Shepherds are not cats!

16. Don’t leave your children with them!

17. They can’t keep themselves busy.

18. They can’t play or entertain themselves...

...at all.

19. They are scary and dangerous dogs.

20. It’s risky to be near them without a muzzle.

21. And sometimes, we can’t begin to explain what happened.

22. Did we already mention that they aren’t cute?

Did we manage to convince you? What other misconceptions about dogs do you know? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Smtmidi / pikabu, SeverCo / pikabu


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