20 Ideas That Can Turn Your House Into Every Kid’s Dream Place

3 years ago

The main task in childhood is to play hard, and kids seem to do it perfectly. They’re so creative that they probably can play with literally anything and find something fun in any situation. But somewhere very deep in all of us, we still have this ability, and if you let your inner child out you can come up with some insane ideas that will make your kids’ lives a constant adventure.

Bright Side is eager to show you some of these innovative ideas that will make your house the coolest place in any kid’s eyes.

1. Make a trampoline by the pool.

2. Make a hidden playroom.

3. An indoor slide will for sure make any house much more fun!

4. This chalkboard wall will provide just enough space for creativity.

5. The perfect wall for those who like to climb everywhere

6. A great place for a little house

7. There’s no better place to read Harry Potter than in your own cozy cupboard under the stairs.

8. A cozy reading spot for book lovers to sit and look out the window

9. Make a stage for young performers.

10. A bed swing for the sweetest of dreams

11. How to make any bedroom a dream place:

12. Indoor swings are all about fun.

13. Find a place for a cozy fort with tons of pillows.

14. Don't forget about the lights.

15. Get indoor mailboxes to leave cute letters and presents.

16. Build roads and even whole cities right in the playroom...

17. ...or in the back yard!

18. Paint the doorways.

19. Add some magic.

20. Make an outdoor movie theater.

Which of these ideas will you try to implement? What is the coolest thing for kids in your house? Leave your ideas in the comments to inspire others.


I like closed cozy spaces, so I would prefer making a movie theater somewhere on the attic, for the whole family :)
Bed swing seems a bit uncomfortable to me. You can get dizzy so easily sleeping on it every day

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