20 Images That Translate Love to Its Most Genuine Form

2 years ago

Love is the strongest force in the world, and it will always be what people want the most. No matter if it’s between partners, parents and kids, or owners and pets; if we have love to give, there will always be someone who could use some of it. Having someone to share these feelings and special bonds with is the biggest wealth you can acquire, and it should never be taken for granted.

Bright Side loves all of its readers, and that’s why we always treat you with some good, happy feels. We hope reading this will put a smile on your face and make you want to hug your loved ones.

1. Fatherly love

2. One of the best and most sweet pictures of Dwayne Johnson and his family

3. “They are inseparable.”

4. “After 7 months and a planned trip that didn’t pan out, we’re finally together!”

5. “He loves his moo moo.”

6. “Happy Fourth Anniversary, my love. 9 years together and it just gets better every day!”

7. “My 2 donkeys, Marley and Journey, absolutely love each other.”

8. “I proposed and she said yes! What started 400 miles apart will become a life we share side by side.”

9. Who said cats and dogs didn’t like each other?

10. “After 4 months of being in college online, having to deal with different time zones, visa rejections...my love and I finally met.”

11. “His previous owners used to keep him in a cage most of the day.”

“After 2 years of love from his 2 new dads, he has become an absolute cuddle monster!”

12. “Last summer a stray cat had kittens in a hollowed-out tree in my yard.”

13. “72 years of marriage — they take a nap like this every day.”

14. “The way my dog looks at my dad”

15. “My husband and I recently got a puppy. This picture sums up our marriage now.”

16. “Mitus loving grandma — he is so gentle with her, but crazy hyper with anyone else!”

17. Find someone who will look at you the way this puppy looks at its owner!

18. “Let a mangy stray dog in from the cold one day, and years later, she’s never stopped looking at me like this.”

19. “These 2 were meant to become brothers.”

20. “Princess Betty and I had almost 16 years of loving gazes, but this is my favorite.”

What’s one picture on your phone that you will always treasure because of how much it’s filled with love? We would be happy if you could contribute to this feel-good article with even more sweetness!

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I have a pic of my Son & Granddaughter grinning at each other with Love and Joy at being together.


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