20 Incredible Ideas for Christmas Decorations

10 months ago

One of the best ways to get yourself into the Christmas spirit is to decorate your house. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on Christmas toys and ornaments to create a magical atmosphere and add a festive look to your home. There are certainly many things lying around somewhere in your house that can serve as stylish and original decorations for Christmas.

We at Bright Side suggest you have a look at these interesting and inexpensive DIY ideas for a more creative Christmas and New Year.

Hot air balloons

Use a plastic ball and put a coin into the basket for extra weight.

A garland made from paper hearts

A Christmas rocking horse

Paper ice cream ornaments

Christmas balls made from yarn

Snowmen from marshmallows

You can draw faces on the marshmallows with an edible food marker.

A vase with beautiful patterns

A snowflake ballerina

Cut out the snowflake and ballerina according to this template. Then put the snowflake on the ballerina.

A bow tie garland made from pasta

Skates from twigs

An adorable Christmas tree made from a pine cone

Peanut Christmas toys

Snowmen made from socks

You will need white children’s socks (or tights), socks with a colored pattern, wheat, the core of an orange pencil for the carrot nose, needles, thread, and buttons.

Decorations for cupcakes

Christmas jar with snow

Make this original decoration by using artificial twigs. Create "snow" from glitter or tinsel cut into small pieces.

Christmas tree decorations made from lightbulbs

Personalized Christmas baubles

A teddy bear ornament made from cotton balls

Apply a little glue to shape the cotton balls.

Star Wars snowflakes

Click here to find out more DIY ideas for Christmas decorations.

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