20 Interior Inventions That Are Becoming Must-Haves in Modern Homes

3 years ago

A house is an object we live in, but a home is something we build according to our everyday needs. Sometimes even the smallest details can give you that cozy, warm-hearted feeling only a place of your own can have, like a socket behind the couch to charge your phone while chilling or a sofa armrest table where you can snack endlessly. These are just a few examples of inventions you can never live without once you experience them.

Get ready for some serious inspiration to turn your house into a real home with these cozy and effective inventions that Bright Side compiled for you.

1. A cable socket behind the couch

2. A vacuum cleaning system all around the house is a real game-changer.

3. Overlapping tracks for the curtains so no light can come through the middle

4. A piece of the mirror heats up to prevent condensation.

5. Keep a clean cutting board with this brilliant tool.

6. A shower bench is a perfect solution if you don’t like to be standing in the shower all the time.

7. Keep your drinks and snacks close with this sofa armrest table.

8. A doorknob that disappears after the door is locked makes it impossible to break in.

9. You don’t need a lot of space at home to be able to own a ping pong table.

10. With a game table like this, you can play board games on a whole new level.

11. The lazy phone rack can be used in different places around the house.

12. The blue wavelength inhibits and kills bacteria, prolonging the life of your fruit.

13. Leave all your pans scratch-free and easy to reach with a slider like this in your cabinet.

14. This self-making bed pumps air in the duvet so that your sheets automatically fold back into place.

15. A clever way to use the space between the washer and dryer

16. Turn on the faucet with a single step.

17. A built-in extra step, perfect for shorter people

18. These window blinds flip down into laundry drying racks.

19. A dishwasher projecting how much time is left

20. A rotating kitchen countertop

Which of these smart solutions could you use in your house? Which inventions are missing from our list, according to you?

Preview photo credit Amazon.com, Synergy Florida


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