20 Kittens That Will Help You Find Your Smile

3 years ago

It seems as if cats have an infinite supply of energy, and we have proof of this. They’re always ready to play hide and seek or take a sudden bite while pretending to be a fluffy blanket. At the same time, when you’re having a bad day or are in a sour mood, they can completely save the day. So here they are, your fluffy hooligans and mood-lifters in all their glory.

We at Bright Side found 20 photos of such cats. So grab your cup of coffee and let’s meet today’s heroes!

1. “Luna thinks hiding under the sheets while I make the bed is the best game.”

2. “Your kitty printer has run out of ink.”

3. “These 2 have been best buds since the first day we came home with the small one.”

4. “The ultimate fur blanket”

5. “My cat with his catnip toy bottle of ‘furrball whiskey’ that he got for his birthday — I think he likes it!”

6. “Caught them cuddling.”

7. “We taught Sasha to stand up for treats, so now she just stands up whenever we’re eating something.”

8. “My new kitten, Sadzi, has claimed my dice tray as his favorite seat and toy.”

9. “My husband brought home a model tent from work a couple months ago.”

10. It seems that cats love cuddling!

11. “Dom is doing a good job!”

12. “My kitten, Squirrel, was furious because they weighed her at the vet. She jumped into my sweater and complained loudly to management.”

13. “There is utter happiness when my kitten hugs a toy doll!”

14. “Took a picture of my cat looking at me upside down. I rotated it and ended up with the best picture ever.”

15. “Over the weekend we welcomed this little guy into our home.”

16. “High 20, humans!”

17. “I found my soulmate!”

18. “Please read all the directions before assembling your cat.”

19. “Morning, everyone!”

20. “It’s yoga time!”

Which kitty boosted a desire in you to rush out and adopt a new fluffy love? Do you have a cat? Please share its photos down below!


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