20+ Kitties That Can Make Even a Human Purr

2 years ago

The more we watch cats, the better we understand why cats were believed to be sacred animals in Egypt. Cats have the magnetism, the charisma, and a flexible mind. They are able to find the key to open up any person and gradually make humans do what they want. Once you get a cat, you will quickly find yourself hurrying home with its favorite treats and you will put aside all your important things right when your pet requires it.

We at Bright Side could spend hours enjoying cat photos and we are convinced that it’s going to be really hard for you to stop looking at these cuties.

1. “Jeez, I’m having a cute heart attack.”

2. “She meows constantly in the car unless my other half lets her rest her paws on him while he drives.”

3. “Did someone say food?!”

4. “I was reading in bed last night when I realized my husband and our foster kittens were all fast asleep like this.”

5. “I had to share the face of this happy little cat with you.”

6. “She needs to grow into her bed a little bit.”

7. “This is 2-face doing her ’treat prayer’ move. 10/10 works every time.”

8. “I’m starting to think my girlfriend is only dating me for my cat.”

9. Sad cat diary entry day 793: “I can see the bottom of my bowl. It has been 2 hours since I have been last attended to. My pleas for help have gone unanswered. I am condemned to die.”

10. “My cat seemed very impressed with my cooking.”

11. She has something she wants to ask you, but she’s a little shy.

12. “I think we can all relate to this level of tired.”

13. “Space cat to ground control — I see a very cute human. Permission to engage?”

14. “After I got my wisdom teeth out, my cat laid in bed with me while I watched Friends. 7 years later (today), she had to get 2 teeth extracted, and we laid in bed and watched Friends together afterward.”

15. “A few weeks ago, I adopted a 12-year-old cat. She buries her face in my hand when she wants more love.”

16. “My cat loves to sleep like this and it’s undeniably the cutest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

17. “My cat always swipes his paws in the air when he wants attention. I took this picture at the perfect time.”

18. “She knows the bag has something to do with me leaving.”

19. Cat, from underneath

20. “I’m a flight attendant and this was my first passenger this morning. She made my day! Meet Zuri.”

21. “Yes, human. I like it...”

22. If you decide to have cats, you have to remember: breakfast has to be served on time or you will see these faces.

What is your attitude toward these purring whisker-owners? Please share photos of your cats with us!

Preview photo credit amysueruth / reddit


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