20 Life Hacks for Women That Can Save a Ruined Day

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4 years ago

Sometimes, it feels like being a modern woman is best left to the professionals. Simple things like your hair or shoes can make or break your day. Luckily, women all around the world have come up with tips to get out of a sticky situation with just a little imagination and foresight.

We at Bright Side love to share tips on fixing a bad day, so here are awesome life hacks for women to make their lives better.

1. A bottomless bag can make getting around in a dress much easier... especially for you brides out there.

2. Put on ski goggles when chopping onions so you don’t cry your eyes out.

3. Dry your pants using a swamp cooler instead of a dryer.

4. When the dryer is broken, just get creative when you want to wear your favorite bra.

5. Never lose a hairpin again!

6. So you’re in the mood for open toed shoes, but you have chem lab today...

7. Alternatively, you could use this less conspicuous trick.

8. Save your eyeshadow container... it might become your new favorite wallet.

9. Reversible dresses... never settle for one pattern again.

10. Not to mention the time you save changing out of your work clothes into your party clothes...

11. Save your insoles... it can make those fancy dress shoes feel like sneakers.

12. Does your Chapstick melt in the car? Keep it away from places where it will melt and keep it in an upright position.

13. Ironing boards can make an instant makeup counter, especially in small apartments or hotel rooms.

14. “When the drier destroys your bra clips, sew them back together and put your bra on like a T-shirt.”

15. Your bra can do so much more if you just use your imagination.

16. Don’t have an iron, but need to get rid of wrinkles? Put your shower on hot and place the clothes near the steam, just not near the water.

17. “I repurposed an old eyeshadow palette into a magnetic interchangeable eyeshadow palette.”

18. Wool socks are the perfect thing to help break in new shoes.

19. Ballerinas have been using this trick on their leotards for centuries... it’s time the world knows.

20. A bra strap can be the best friend you never knew you needed.

Do you know any tips that can help women get out of a sticky situation? Share them with us in the comments!

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