20 Lovely Pics Almost No One Can Resist, Including Us

year ago

There is always something that can instantly improve our day, no matter how it goes. Maybe a quick shower, enjoying a favorite meal, or viewing heartfelt images can make us happy and relieved. Such photos can make us feel better, whether it’s a newborn’s sweet cheeks or our four-legged friends. And this is the exact reason we decided to make your day even better.

1. “I think I’ve already taken the best picture I will take in 2023.”

2. “My wife enjoying her fifty-fourth birthday and the cheesecake that she made for herself.”

3. We couldn’t resist this face.

4. “It was love at first sight.”

5. “That looks like me.”

6. “We’ve got a real New Year’s rager going on here.”

7. “A 7-year stepdad and now new bio dad here — the smiles are the only thing keeping me alive.”

8. “’I don’t like cats,’ he said.”

9. “Mak just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.”

10. “My mother was able to find my exact teddy bear from 1988 for my son.”

11. “My son, giving me a look”

12. “My new baby, Nova — just got her today and I’m in love.”

13. “I was adopted at birth and always felt like the black sheep in my family. A few years ago, I found my bio dad.”

“It changed my life! I finally have a family that accepts me.”

14. If someone ever says black cats are bad luck, just show them this photo.

15. “My kids make me happy. I am the proud father of a blended family.”

“This is my son and his half-sister looking good after her first dance recital.”

16. “My family recently did some family photos. And here’s one I took of my daughter and me, the best thing to ever happen to me.”

17. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

18. “A 3-day-old Canadian house hippo”

19. “Got to meet and feed red pandas as my birthday gift.”

20. “My friend’s cat when he wants a pet”

Do you have happy photos? Share them in the comments and let us adore them.

Preview photo credit Feee_Fi_Fo_Fum / Reddit


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