20+ Men Grow Plants That Could Put the Most Experienced Gardeners to Shame

2 years ago

Many people break stereotypes these days. Professions, responsibilities, and types of behavior can’t be associated exclusively with men or women anymore. The same thing applies to hobbies. Before, we’d assume that gardening and growing indoor plants was something women usually did. But nowadays, men are also interested in growing begonias at home and broccoli in the garden.

At Bright Side, we’d like you to meet gardeners, flower growers, and farmers who do what they love and share their outstanding results online.

“That is not a strawberry, it’s a strongberry.”

“My passion fruit is actively growing. I planted it in a small container near a pomegranate, some ginger, and papaya. It took up half of my balcony.”

“I’m excited to show you all this gem, and the new leaf that’s unfurling on my gorgeous Macodes petola (jewel orchid).”

“I’m not a hot dude, but I have plants and a cat.”

“My carrot and snap pea harvest!”

“I obtained a few seeds from the Venus flytrap. A month later, a sprout with a pair of leaves appeared. 4 months later, it’s like this.”

“My recent harvest was very colorful.”

“I got one last harvest of florets before I ripped out my broccoli plants to make room for tomatoes.”

“It’s been a long, hard slog saving this plant that arrived dead except for one tiny stem.”

“My monster of a golden beet!”

“The new shelves gave me an excuse to get the gang together.”

“Hello! Another harvest for this season with many veggies and herbs from the garden!”

“I decided to grow mint, so I planted it. Then sprouts began to grow, especially one of them. But I’m puzzled. What is it? Where is the mint? What does it eat?”

“My wife doesn’t mind my indoor garden so much now! At least we know we will have greens for the foreseeable future.”

“All the plant moms complaining about their man not wanting plants, meanwhile, I’m here looking for a girl who accepts my addiction.”

“I harvested some more cassava straight from the garden and cooked some fresh mashed cassava.”

“Indoor tomatoes! It’s been 15 weeks since seeding the plants, and it’s still growing stronger than ever.”

“My little hydroponic basil monster”

“Seymour the Brussels sprout officially reached 7 feet tall! Only 2 feet and 3 inches more for the world record. Good boy is here for scale.”

“I think I’m at peak asparagus season.”

“Tonight we had a tea party for the occasion of the ripening of our lemon.”

“Our monster asparagus have returned. The cow is for scale.”

Did these pics inspire you? Or maybe you have photos of your planting achievements! Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit IronSerpent / Pikabu


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