20 Men Who Get Into Awkward Situations Like Pros

4 years ago

Sometimes it seems that men are real magnets for various awkward situations. Broken fridge doors, weird conversations with family and friends, unique cooking fails — it’s just a small glimpse into the adventures all men face almost every day.

Bright Side has noticed that even the most awkward situations can’t stop the heroes of this compilation from becoming famous on the Internet because their self-irony causes nothing but sincere admiration.

“Dad is afraid of heights so he tried to crawl to get a look.”

“New kitchen manager: We’re going to wear hair nets now.

Me: I’m bald. Shouldn’t I have a beard net?

Manager: No, just a hair net.

Me: But I’m bald.

Manager: We all have to wear one. Beards are okay.”

All methods will do in cases like this.

“My husband’s colleagues decided to give a crossbow to any guy who quit the job.”

How to embarrass a man:

“I was ready to install a security camera because I suspected our cat walked on the kitchen table when we were away. Today I saw this.”

That’s why so many men don’t like to cook.

“My roommate thought oatmeal cookies were just made from oatmeal.”

“I broke a hammer trying to pry a nail out of the floorboards and it looks really disappointed in itself.”

Friends will never let you down.

You’ll never know until you try.

“I don’t think Mom will find out.”

When you feel embarrassed for someone else:

“Dropped a pot of coating powder all over my boss’ desk.”

How you find out if people who designed this processing unit ever had a cat:

Dads know how to communicate with their children.

Family, but not 100% family...

“So my fridge doors just fell off...”

You need to realize something about children...

“Decided to throw the trash away...”

Have you ever seen men get into awkward situations? Tell us your stories down in the comments!

Preview photo credit _tomato_hater / Twitter


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I saw the video of the scared man and it's HILARIOUS!


Idk about you guys but those oatmeal cookies look kind of good haha


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