15 Messy People Who Seem to Be Freaking Us Out on Purpose

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It’s pretty nasty when your roommate doesn’t honor their part of the cleaning deal. Waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes or opening your fridge to find 5 semi-empty bottles of ketchup can get really annoying. People living with messy roommates are sharing their nightmarish experiences online and they’re both funny and irritating.

1. You don’t need to destroy the whole package just to get a taste, you know...

2. My wife leaves her hair stuck to the shower wall.

3. A ketchup collection, just in case

4. This is how my kids leave eggs after cooking.

5. We all have that friend whose car looks more like a rubbish bin.

6. Always keep a secret tube of toothpaste from your wife and children.

7. “My part of the room vs my roommate’s”

8. What kind of person leaves this in the freezer?

9. Imagine waking up to this kitchen sink.

10. “My wife’s nightstand, ladies and gentlemen...”

11. This is way worse than tangled earbuds.

12. This is mildly infuriating, even for the shoes.

13. “I’ve tried to teach my roommate a thousand times that dish soap isn’t meant for the dishwasher.”

14. “Just found out that my new boyfriend opens bread like this.”

15. When you’re desperately searching for a specific tool but don’t have time to tidy up the tool case:

What’s your relationship with tidying up? What’s the messiest state your room or house has ever been in? We’d love to see some before and after photos of the chaos. Share them with us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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That ice cream box in the freezer just gave me the chills. WHY?? WHY would you do that to someone :(

4 years ago
This comment is beautiful but so out of place.

if my girlfriend did something like the girl from #9 I would throw away ALL of the bottles in one go!


#19: This was my husband, but after being annoyed over the top I had an idea.

I painted a sign (and placed it on the small bin right under the toilet paper holder) with the words, "Hello, I'm a trash can for empty toilet rolls, please use me" !! (All written in red Edding Pens). Wow, that actually helped, but only as long as the sign was there. Without further words and without argument, I waited a week, nothing changed. So I started putting the empty rolls on his desk. At first it worked, but then he began to stack the rolls on the desk and of course I put them away because it bothered me. What really helped last but not least was that I put the empty rolls on his pillow in bed. I know it sounds childish and silly but after being so annoyed for years, I could not think of anything better. But it was effective.



These empty shower and shampoo bottles was also such a bummer of him, he basically let them stand on the shelf in the shower. Again and again I had asked him to throw them away when he takes a new one. This time I only needed 2 attempts. The first time I asked him for a favor after 4 empty bottles on the shelf (I had not said anything in between), I asked him if he could please put me a second shelf in the shower, he asked why, that one would be perfect suffice. I replied, "so that I can put the empty bottles in". He did not find it funny but for about 8 weeks the empty bottles had disappeared. One day, when they started to multiply again, I just threw them in his sink. This continues today, no longer empty bottles. Why do men always need so long to understand or want to understand something ???


Please do not think I'm petty or very pedantic, but my husband has, except vacuuming and the dishwasher no household tasks, so I think I can ask that he at least cleans away his own mess. And if he knows that something annoys me terribly, he does not have to deliberately provoke, or how do you see that ?? Do I await too much?


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