20+ Michelin Restaurants That Went Out of Their Way When Serving Dishes

3 years ago

Chefs around the world dream of getting into the acknowledged Michelin Red Guide. The criteria for awarding the Michelin stars are a trade secret. We only know that the most important one is based on the quality of the dishes. Everything else is secondary to the dishes served. And chefs go to great lengths to bring the way they serve their dishes closer to art.

We at Bright Side have studied the experiences of guests who attended Michelin-star restaurants and are sure that their photos could delight anyone.


“This dish is called ‘Graffiti.’ The rubble is made from dehydrated meringue with chanterelle mushrooms underneath. It’s decorated with parsley sauce that is sprayed on the plate from a spray can. The dish is served on an actual piece of concrete.”


“They brought us a pot of food. But when we opened it, we saw only coals.”

“The waiter set them on fire and said that they were edible.”


"This is me with our dessert, a green apple taffy balloon filled with helium. To eat it, you have to suck the helium out, say something in a high voice, and then eat the delicious candy.


“We were given glasses with sand and incredibly hot stones that were used to make scallops.”


“This is a tray with 60 different duck pairings — and the duck itself, cooked in 5 different ways.”


“This is the ’Truffle Explosion.’ It looks like an ordinary dumpling filled with broth but it has a secret — it literally explodes in your mouth. You’re supposed to eat it in one bite.”


“The chocolate ball that the chef spectacularly broke in front of us”


“I ordered a takeout dinner at a 3-star Michelin restaurant. Along with food containers, I got a 4-page-long instruction booklet. I had to put the dessert together myself.”


"I was amazed by the dish called ’Cosmic Apple and Pistachio’ the most. It came on a black plate with glitter to mimic outer space. You can see the sugar rings around the white chocolate planets, inside of which was a metallic-tasting apple mousse that was meant to mimic the metallic core of a planet.


“These aren’t olives. There’s veal tartar on the left and olive paste filled with langoustines on the right.”


“At the end of the evening, they brought us a ’panna cotta Matisse.’ Each color was a different kind of fruit leather.”


“This was the first course we got at a 3-star Michelin restaurant for $450. You’d have to pay me to eat that.”


“Kuroge beef is presented raw at a Michelin-star restaurant in San Francisco. This square of beef is worth the same amount of money as a decent car.”


“A delicious serving at a Budapest restaurant. This is tartare and marinated tuna in pineapple and avocado sauce.”


“This is a doughnut.”


“This is what a truffle with lemon filling looks like.”


“The bowl for this dish is made of ice and it’s carved by hand for each customer. Inside is trout roe, coconut, and passion fruit.”


“This langoustine in a mango-like foam is really delicious — hot langoustine and cold foam. The langoustine was cooked in a broth with citrus fruit and coriander.”


“This charred thing turned out to be a leek. The leek was soft and melted inside with oyster tartar in seaweed butter.”


“This was our small appetizer. It had a delightful taste that reminded us of tapioca — the liquid filling explodes in your mouth. You must eat it in one bite.”


“Risotto with spelt, topped with gold leaf”


“This is sashimi from a Michelin-star restaurant in Kyoto.”

What is the most unusual dish you’ve ever been served?

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