20+ Modern Products That Solve Modern Problems

2 years ago

Some people used to believe that any sufficiently advanced technology was indistinguishable from magic. And they hardly can be blamed because new inventions never cease to surprise even the most unemotional minds in our universe.

We at Bright Side have found some very creative engineers and designers who make our lives better every single day.

1. “A pill bottle that keeps track of when it was last opened”

2. “A local bar has an area where you can rent a locker to store your phone while it charges.”

3. “My university has a device to lock skateboards up like a bike rack.”

4. “This store has a ’test ramp’ so you can try out your safety boots on different surfaces.”

5. “This unique contraption for gripping sugar cubes”

6. “How this drawer opens sideways”

7. “My office break room is styled like the inside of an airplane for some reason.”

8. “This guy’s jacket hood has a built-in pair of sunglasses.”

9. “These seats at the airport that don’t prevent you from lying down”

10. “At this hotel I’m staying at, you can rent umbrellas.”

11. “These airport wheelchairs”

12. “This device has 3 different types of plugs.”

13. “This device charging station in the waiting room at the tire and oil change place I’m at”

14. “A sink at a restaurant had soap, water, and a hand dryer together in one device.”

15. “2 options to mount your devices on this new airplane”

16. “This device travels around the supermarket looking for hazards.”

17. “This handrail sanitizer”

18. “You can use a pair of headphones on this Roku remote so you don’t wake people up.”

19. “You bike to keep the outlet going, to recharge your devices.”

20. “These USB rechargeable batteries”

21. “This transforming USB cable”

22. “My hotel phone has a number for bedtime stories.”

23. “This drinking fountain has a catch for dogs.”

Which of the latest wide-spread inventions has impressed you the most? Which of them do you find the most useful, and which one has made your life more comfortable? Please share with us in the comments below.


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