20 Moving Photos That Stirred Our Souls

3 years ago

It has been argued that there are not that many interesting things going on in our lives and we have to go to the movies, go shopping, or go to the park if we want to experience something new. We decided to prove this wrong and found really unusual photos taken and posted by internet users. Each of them could be an inspiration for a truly bittersweet movie plot.

Before scrolling down, Bright Side urges you to prepare some tissues as the photos you’re about to see will have you crying either tears of joy, sympathy, or sadness.

“A school organized a tour to an old age home and this girl found her grandmother there.”

This is John William Waterhouse’s “The Soul of the Rose.” The cross stitch artwork took me 4 years.

“I want to play baseball.” My daughter said. “Get dressed and meet me outside.” I replied. She put on her best dress for our first game."

“My grandmother (front) and her sister in the late ’40s. Photobombing is a classic art form.”

“I painted a cottage on a penny.”

“We got a puppy 2 weeks ago. Today I left him for the first time to start college classes and my boyfriend sent me this.”

“My aunt found a sunflower field where each flower is almost twice as tall as she is. She’s 5’8”."

“A professional guitarist’s fingers at the end of a tour.”

“I used to be an avid hiker until a spinal tumor left me partially paralyzed. 5 years of recovery later, I hiked my favorite mountain to recreate this old picture.”

“In 1976, my dad (at age 18) snuck out of my grandparent’s house in California and took a bus for 36 hours just to go bull riding in Texas.”

“The first photo of my drone. The purchase was totally worth it.”

“My friend photobombed my wedding picture 4 years ago. A few weeks ago, I got him back.”

“I successfully diagnosed a bad part in my parent’s washing machine, watched a YouTube video on how to replace it, bought the part, and installed it. Believe it or not, but it worked!”

“A dying father fulfilled his last wish to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. He passed away 5 days later.”

“I’m a 13 y.o. with a love for photography. Here’s a picture of a sunflower outside my house. It’s not exactly groundbreaking but I like it.”

“My stepdad is officially my legal father today after raising me since I was 9 years old. He’s an amazing human.”

Who would guess that you can see such an amazing sunset from a library?

“Took off my braces today. For the first time in 28 years, I don’t feel shy to smile.”

“A year and 18,000 pieces later.”

“I rediscovered the mini bench press in my grandpa’s shed that he welded for me 20 years ago when I was 5 y.o. Words can’t describe how much this means to me.”

Which photo seems to be the most powerful to you? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit conceptroot / reddit


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