20+ Objects With Indelible Marks of Time That Turned Into Scars

3 years ago

From iron chains to concrete paths, nothing is spared from the power of time. Years of use can leave permanent scars on things, making them almost unrecognizable. While we may not notice the degree of change at first, comparing old with new can be totally striking.

Bright Side has compiled a list of these objects which have stood the test of time and proudly carry its signs.

1. “My mom’s makeup brush after many years of use”

2. “The more this seat is worn down, the more it reveals the old design.”

3. “My coffee mug faded after 30 years of use.”

4. “The restaurant I work at uses these plates to bake things.”

5. “The worn out top of this playground post looks like the moon.”

6. “The flooring in the waiting area at this pizzeria is so worn, you can see the old floor.”

7. “The difference between the inside and outside handle on my back door after a couple of years of use”

8. 3 years of use vs Brand new

9. 2-year-old heavily-used $100 bill vs A new one

10. “I’ve worn down my S-key in the same spot with my fingernail during over 8 years of use.”

11. “Bumps on my dad’s wallet from where his debit card goes”

12. “This swing hook in my grandma’s garden has been holding the seat for 40+ years.”

13. “My teddy bear after 20 years of friendship”

14. “I had no idea these grips were originally hot pink until I cut them off.”

15. The notches in this concrete that were created over the years

16. New and old skateboard wheel

17. 40 years of throwing darts

18. Dog tag over the years

19. What 30 years of wear and tear can do to fence posts

20. “My fiancé’s 9 months of running/walking to work”

21. “These bricks washed up on the beach with their corners worn off.”

What is the oldest item you own and how has it changed over time? Share its photos with us below!

Preview photo credit HeySquirrelFriends / Reddit


I really wonder how they make those new floors, is it normal that they just make it on top of the old one?

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