20 of the coolest things all of us dream of having in our backyard

2 years ago

Spending time by the fire with friends in the evening, sunbathing in the day, cooking something delicious on the grill... A backyard isn’t a place to work, especially when the weather is nice.

Bright Side collected 20 of the coolest outdoor inventions that you can ever imagine, or, at least, dream about them until summer comes.

A portable fireplace

A suspended couch

A mosquito thwarting hammock

Glowing garden furniture

Freezing glasses

A swing bed with canopy

A water bed

Glowing flower pots


A folding mini table

Air pillows

A zip line

An outdoor projector screen

A summer kitchen

A tropical shower

A BBQ suitcase

An ice-bucket picnic table

A very large hammock

These fire pit swings

An ergonomic beach lounger

A shallow swing

Preview photo credit hammacher


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i want these : A suspended couch A swing bed with canopy Trampoline A zip line A tropical shower A shallow swing so cool i ❤ brightside


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