20 Parents Who Can Find Solutions to Any Problem

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4 years ago

About 386,000 kids are born each day. These kids not only bring joy to their parents but also present them with the daunting task of parenting. But if you get a little creative, the challenge of parenting can be a breeze.

Bright Side compiled a list of 20 ingenious parents who know how to take a bull by the horns.

1. Inventive dad of the day

2. Who said only moms can multitask...

3. A mom’s creativity knows no bounds.

4. Yes, there are ways to tell identical twins apart.

5. Another easy way!

6. Baby mops: The most ingenious way to clean your room

7. When your kid is both an athlete and an artist:

8. When your kid is asleep but you need to eat...

9. Being the father of Supergirl has its advantages.

10. Keeping your baby still during a photoshoot

11. My mother bargained with candies, now mothers bargain with WiFi passwords.

12. Make “momsicles” for your teething baby by freezing pacifiers in breast milk.

13. “I just give my kids controllers that are not plugged in and they play like this for hours.”

14. Save baby clothes and make a quilt with them for a keepsake.

15. “This is how my kid eats ice-cream without spilling it everywhere.”

16. How this dad gets his baby girl ready for school:

17. Turn moisturizer bottles into a faucet extender for little hands.

18. The easiest way to get a good massage

19. When you feel lazy and don’t want to run around with your toddler:

20. This is what happens when your dad is a biker:

Who is the most creative parent on our list? If you’re a creative parent and can lend some expertise to this list, share your ideas with us in the comments.

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